What Is the Best Home Theater Seating?

If you plan to install a theater in your house and enjoy films and other entertainment on the big screen, there are a few considerations you’ll want to make before anything is set in stone. Home theaters can be luxurious and offer a fantastic viewing experience, but there’s more to a home theater than the size of the screen and what you’ll be watching.

You’ll want to think about the type of space you have and how many people your theater experience will be accommodating. Here’s what you should consider and the type of furniture you’ll need for your viewing experience.

Measure Your Space and People

Before you go browsing around for your new theater experience, you’ll want to determine how many people you’ll be accommodating when you watch films, as well as the type and size of the space you have to work with.

Different rooms will need different furniture and if you wish to entertain a large number of guests frequently, you’ll want to buy more furniture than the average home theater. Even if you don’t have much room to work with, a two-to-four chair setup can still feel cozy and intimate while you watch your films. The idea is to take advantage of the space you have, keeping your room in mind when buying what you need.

Tailor Your Style to Your DĂ©cor

Home theater furniture comes with a variety of options and decisions to make. It can be tempting to disregard the colors and textures of the furniture you’re buying and simply shop by budget or for what looks the nicest, but you should put in some substantial forethought before making any purchases.

Think about the type of décor you have in your home theater and throughout the rest of your house and try to buy furniture which matches the feel and aesthetic of your pre-existing furniture. You can also consult with an interior designer if you’re having trouble.

Stay on Budget

Home theaters can get pricey quickly, but you should be fine if you understand and keep in mind the overall budget for completing your home theater. Entry-level seating and equipment won’t be as well-made or have as many features as the higher-end lines, but this can be a positive if you’re only trying to entertain family members and other small, intimate groups. You don’t necessarily need the biggest or most feature-packed seating unless you will be using it on a frequent basis.

Seating for Small Spaces

If you’re looking into seating for small spaces, you should consider the Elite Theater Chair by  Palliser. This is an expertly made product with excellent leather padding made for your comfort, along with cup holders, available LED lighting, and storage elsewhere, which not every recliner will have.

This line can be ordered in a variety of arrangements, so determine what layout works best for your room and screen layout.  It’s made of rugged hardwood construction and all joints are pinned and glued for uniformity and strength.

Home Theater Seating with Style

If you’re hunting for home theater seating that’s a cut above the rest, you’re looking for the Catalina Theater Chair, also by Palliser.  This incredibly luxurious chair will make you move all your TV and movie watching to your theater room. This line features plush leather textures over a sturdy hardwood frame. Along with LED lighting, stainless steel cupholders, and plenty of storage space, the Catalina also features power reclining seats with adjustable headrests and lumbar support.

This truly is the pinnacle of comfort for home theater seating.  This line is available in a variety of custom seating arrangements.  It’s best to take the measurements of your room and let one of our experts help with recommendations on what layouts would work best and provide the amount of seating you are looking for.


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