What is The Best Defibrillator?

An automated external defibrillator is one of the most important pieces of kit when it comes to first aid as it could literally be lifesaving. When deciding on the best AED device to purchase, there a number of factors to consider. Having a cardiac arrest can happen suddenly and without warning, so one of the main points when deciding on the best AED device for you may include ease of use and storability. Some automated external defibrillator devices come in handy carry cases which can be good for home use and beginner first aiders, whilst others can be wall mounted which is ideal for public buildings such as schools, offices or sports centres. Here is a breakdown of some of the top AED devices and brands which may work best for you.

Philips are one of the top brands when it comes to AED technology and their wide choice of kits are easy to use and operate. There are a variety of different Philips defibrillator configurations which differ in size and usage. The Philips HeartStart frx is perfect for use during sudden collapse in an office or school environment. With an 8 year warranty, pre-installed battery, pre-installed SMART pads cartridge and how to use booklet, even a novice first aider would be able to operate this handheld kit during an emergency in a communal environment. If you are looking for a wall mountable device, the Philips HeartStart frx package is another Philips defibrillator kit that includes everything from the Philips HeartStart frx but comes with the added bonus of an extra 4 year battery and a DVD taking you step by step through how using an AED could save a life. The package is more at the top of the price ranges than the HeartStart frx, but is still within a reason budget amount.

The Zoll AED Plus is also a great device and one of the best models on the market. Its bright green colour makes it easier than some other devices to spot and unlike the Philips defibrillators that carry two separate pads, the Zoll AED Plus has pads that are joined together in one piece, making it possibly as easier to use kit for beginners. Mid-range in price, the Zoll AED Plus does come with a set of lithium batteries, however these will need to be installed independently prior to use. This perhaps make it a less useful choice for an office, school or public environment as batteries being replaced during a time of emergency could have devastating consequences. It is also a heavier model than the Philips defibrillator kits, so although it can be a good choice for beginners and home use, it is not ideal for communal environment such as business or school usage.

When using an AED device, it is advised to administer within 5 minutes of collapse in order to give the patient the best chance of a positive outcome. Using one of these top AED devices could not only help in an emergency, but could save someone’s life so it is important to choose a device that is fully equip, has a long battery life and warranty. Always make sure you are tailoring the device you choose to the appropriate environment and consider which may be best for public spaces and which for home use.

Should you buy a AED?

Buy AED: Buying an AED is recommendable for educational institutions, sport clubs, tourist areas, companies and other places where you find big crowds. Also neighbourhoods can buy an AED together and if there is a higher change of heart failure an AED is recommendable for personal use.