What Is the Best Crypto Exchange? The Evaluation Criteria

A crypto exchange is the best place to go if a user plans to start mining or active trading. So how to choose a good crypto exchange? When choosing an exchange and a converter service, coincub.com recommends paying attention to the following criteria:

  • The reliability rating is the main parameter. The safety of a trader’s funds depends on it. Don’t transfer money to an exchange that doesn’t have a positive reputation. You can get acquainted with a customer chart and reviews on thematic resources such as Reddit and Bitcointalk.
  • The size of the commission fee. The best crypto exchanges make money from the deductions of clients for conducting trading operations. Each website sets its commission size. On average, the value is 0.2% of the transaction volume.
  • Trading volume. The higher the daily turnover of funds on the exchange, the more chances a trader has to make money. An online platform that trades $500 per day can’t provide high profits. The volume of trade is an indicator of the demand and success of the crypto exchange.
  • Supported payment methods. Some cryptocurrency platforms work only with digital funds. Other services support operations with fiat currencies and crypto-assets. You can convert them.
  • User verification. The most trusted crypto exchanges require clients to verify identity. Others allow traders to remain anonymous.
  • Location of the cryptocurrency exchange. Converters operating in the jurisdiction of one state may not accept clients from other countries. This is typical for South Korean and Japanese services, which are available only to compatriots.
  • User interface. Top crypto exchanges are distinguished by sophisticated functionality for collecting statistics and market analysis. Thanks to this, users receive effective tools for an objective assessment of the state of the market and can make the right decisions.
  • Technical support service. In problem situations, it is important to get fast help from specialists, which will minimize possible losses.

Top Crypto Exchanges Reviews 2021

Coincub has a rating of top crypto exchanges in terms of reliability for traders looking for the best platforms in 2021.

  1. Binance

Binance is the first on the list of crypto exchanges. This is one of the largest international platforms for cryptocurrency transactions in terms of trading volume and the number of registered users. It stands out for its functional interface, which is flexible in customization. To ensure maximum security of customer funds, two-factor authentication, security measures for withdrawing funds, and support for encryption protocols during data transmission are provided. The user can independently select and activate protection methods in the security settings. Due to the high performance of the service, transactions are executed as quickly as possible. There is also a calculator that can help you make transferriThere is also a crypto mining calculator that can help you make transferring and a conversion.

  1. Coinbase

Coinbase is a company that combines the concepts of a functional wallet, payment system, and exchange for trading. In addition to classic instruments, the platform has access to several investment programs, including pre-formed trust funds. Newcomers to the cryptocurrency market can take a training program. It is free, and you can earn your first deposit.  

  1. EXMO

Where to trade? Well, EXMO is also one of the most convenient services. The platform allows you to keep many currencies on the balance sheet and swap them if needed. Moreover, EXMO is one of the few third-party regulated crypto exchanges. It is controlled by the Estonian Consumer Protection and Technical Supervision Authority TTJA. The regulator guarantees that the company complies with the obligations assumed in the user agreement. And in case of violation of the terms of the contract with the client or Estonian law, the platform will send compensation to the trader.


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