What Is The Best Coating To Protect Your Deck?

Protecting your deck is important, but what is the best coating? There are many different types of coatings on the market today. It can be hard to know which one will work for you and your particular project. 

The best coating to protect your deck is one that can stand up to the harsh weather in your area. You will need a sealant that is designed for exterior use and has good UV protection. It’s important to find a high quality paint or sealant with these qualities because they’ll ensure that the surface of your deck lasts longer without sustaining damage from sun exposure or moisture in the air.

There are many different coatings offered by a range of different brands. We are going to discuss some of the best coating material for your deck.

Clear Sealers

There are two major types of clear sealers. One is a penetrating sealer and the other is a sealing paint product. 

Penetrating Sealers – A penetrating sealer will soak into your deck and protect it from within for months, but eventually they need to be reapplied. These tend to last longer than an exterior coating or sealing paint because they penetrate the surface of your deck.

Sealing Paint – There are many different types of exterior paint sealers on the market today, but they all get applied to the top layer of wood and provide a protective coating that will keep moisture out and prevent sun damage for years.

Translucent Stain

A translucent stain is not a clear sealer. It will tint your deck but it dries to look more natural and grey tone. The main benefit of using this type of coating on your deck is that you can let the wood grain show through while still giving it some color. These are great for decks made out of darker woods where you want the wood to still be on display.

Transparent Stain

A transparent stain is a clear sealer but it will tint your deck and make the surface more vibrant in color. This type of coating needs less maintenance than a solid coat because you can see small imperfections between boards easier allowing for easy touch ups when needed. If you need something that is going to stand up against the elements and look great, a transparent stain is one of your top choices.

Solid Stain

A solid or opaque color can be used as a clear coat for decks made out of lighter colored woods that need a little bit more coverage without showing all the imperfections between boards. These are typically not recommended if you have a darker wood deck because they will not stand up to the elements as well.

Oil Based vs. Water-Based Stain 

One of the most important things to consider when deciding what type of sealer you should use on your deck is whether or not it’s going to be used in a high traffic area. If so, oil based stain would be your best choice. It will stand up to the elements much better than a water-based stain because it has amazing UV protection and can protect against moisture in the air or rain exposure for years without fading, cracking or peeling.

Oil based stains are not safe to use around children or pets so keep that in mind if you have little ones running around on your deck.

Sealers vs. Paint 

When deciding what type of coating to use on your deck, you will need to choose whether or not you’d like a transparent sealer or if it’s going to be used as more than just a protective layer and the primary color coat for your project. If so, paint is a better option. It will last longer and provide more protection from the sun and moisture than a sealant would.

Paint also comes in a variety of sheens – matte, eggshell, semi-gloss or gloss – so you can choose the look that you want for your deck. A downside to using paint is that it can chip or peel if it’s not applied properly.

Paint is typically more expensive than a sealant and takes longer to apply because you will need two coats, whereas one coat of clear sealer can provide all the protection your deck needs.

No matter the type of coating you want to get for your track it is always better to hire a professional like Orange County Deck Builders for deck coatings in Orange County.


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