What is the Best Canaries Island to Visit?

The Canary Islands are a Spanish archipelago beyond the North western coast of Africa, which is a rugged volcanic isle famous for the black and white sand beaches. There are a chain of islands here namely- Tenerife, Gran Canarias, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, La Gomora, La Palma and the Municipality of Las Palmas.  The most visited and popular island here is the Tenerife. If you want to visit the place, get in touch with Top Tour Tenerife to get the best deals for travel package.

  • Los Gigantes Cliffs: Visit the Los Gigantes Cliff, a secluded resort that’s located to the western side of the island. You will love the picturesque scenario, especially the giant cliff hanging form 800 metres above. The rocky surface is excellent as it offers a shining brown, gold shimmering sand along with the aquamarine waters, all together a lovely combination.


  • The Museum of nature and man: The Museum is located at the Santa Cruz de Tenerife some important artefact related to the history. Samples are the carvings and native tools, and some well-preserved mummies that’s collected from around the world. The conservation work reflects the Guanche aboriginal culture of Tenerife and has attracted tourists from around the world. The civilization existed even before the arrival of the European conquerors to this land.


  • Love show at Piramide De Arona: Watch the Malizia show at the Piramide de Arona that will attract attention of people of all ages. The tradition reflects the Hispanic culture, a mixture of Flamenco opera and a dance performance that will provoke thoughts. The storyline is visually interpreted at the stage by skilled artists, and that’s rated as one of the best performance in the Island.


  • Tenerife Auditorium Adan Martin: See the Tenerife auditorium, which is an iconic modern art and sculpture reflecting the Avant guard architectural style. The venue hosts a series of events like exhibitions, talks show and musical performance that creates a connection with various people. The first level of auditorium comes with a large open space along with coffee, ticket offices and restaurants. If you are fond of photography, the spectacular view from the terrace will definitely amaze you.


  • Hike Masca Mountain and valley: If you are fond of hiking the bountiful mountains and valleys, take a chance to climb the Masca hike, one of the most popular sports in Tenerife. You would love the trek of 7 kilometres and it’s organized by various local companies. While moving down from the mountains to the beach, you will enjoy the scenery. Hikers will enjoy the life time moments of picturesque scenario and will frame for a lifetime.


  • Teide National Park: Teide National park is centred on the Mount Teide, 3718 metres high, and is rated as the UNESCO World Heritage site. The highest mountain in Spain is one of the oldest parks of the country, and having lot of historical and cultural significance. It has a diverse land, volcanic landscape, pine forest, along with lush green valleys; all for a breath-taking view. Ride the cable car at top, so that you may feel the bird’s eye view from the top.


  • Whale and dolphin watching: You would fall in love with the blue water surrounding the island, where dolphins and whales reside. There are boats that depart from the Los Cristiano or other islands, all decked up to give you a thrilling experience.¬† You will find boats decked up like pirate ships. The 3-4 hour duration ship ride will allow you see the beautiful sea animals in playful mood; a delight for the animal lovers.


  • Sea kayaking and Canoeing: Visit the Pyramid of Guimar, which is a natural complex made up of six free standing pyramid made in the 19th century AD. They are made of mortar and quite impressive, and offers a mysterious appeal to the history. It’s a pleasure to visit such an amusing manmade place amongst all natural wonders.


  • Siam Park: Visit the Siam Park, which is the newest attraction gaining enormous popularity amongst the visitors. You will have a gala time when visited with your children and family. Splash the heat with the 100 feet high vertical slide ride. The Siam Park is based on Thai theme and awe spires any first-time traveller.

Apart from the normal trips, you may avail cycle trips which will cover special places and you will achieve the most intrinsic view.