What is the best call app for making a conference call?

In the modern world, technology has grown to a mass level. There had been great advancement in mobile users. Humans have made development in almost every field. Transportation facilities have also improved over time this is why the distances between people have been greatly reduced. Due to frequent traveling businesses between people of various regions have now become very common. 

What is a Conference Call?

A call that has more than two users is known as the conference call. In a conference call, multiple participants can join at a time. Everyone can speak and listen to all other users like the normal call only difference is that it has more users.

People used to call through cellular networks in the past but due to the advancement of the internet, many applications were built that can allow communication between two users. Some of these apps can provide communication between more than two users meaning that they can support conference calls.

A video conference call is such a great option and can be used for various purposes. It is really helpful in communicating anything to the team. It can also be used to teach a class or doing meetings with some other company.

Pinngle Safe Messenger:

Pinngle is a super cool and exciting call app with lots of features. It is safer, better, and easier to connect. It allows to do voice messaging, audio calls, and also video calls. With all these, it also provides a conference call option. It has many other options as well. The call quality of the single is really good. It is completed secure and your privacy is also protected. 

Facebook Messenger:

Facebook is a popular app and has its users database in billions. Facebook introduced its messenger application a few years ago. This app has many features. It also allows conference calls. Video calling option is also there that can be used by users at any time. All these features are completely free.


Whatsapp is one of the most used and popular applications used for communication over the internet. Its interface is really simple and easy to use. Whatsapp has many calling features. You can do audio, video, and conference call with this application. Conference call for both audio and video is available. This can be done with many easy steps. 

Simplicity and user interface are the main reason for the popularity of this application. Although there were some issues faced by users when WhatsApp updated its privacy policy. Whatsapp is a really safe and secure channel for communication. By the way, this application is also owned by Facebook.


Skype is one of the pioneer apps in the communication industry of the internet. Many people started their first conversation on the internet using this application and it still has a larger chunk of users that use this application on a daily basis for their daily and business communication. Skype provides many options for communications and conference call is one of them.