What is The average salary of a construction manager

The construction industry involves the highest number of hazards and, as a result, accidents. Fatal falls, fires, and exposure to toxic substances become the catalyzer for drug abuse and substance dependence by workers. For this reason, it is very important that a construction manager in charge is able to foresee, identify and prevent dangerous situations.

In order to ensure that all construction supervisors have enough knowledge about the working environment and potential hazards, an obligatory NYC DOB SST has been implemented. It consists of a number of specialized courses, which also include an all-in-one SST 10 hour class.

SST Online Courses consist of 2 parts – the 8-Hour Fall Prevention course and the 2-Hour Drug and Alcohol Awareness class.

The Fall Prevention Course

Its main objective is to teach the construction supervisors how to identify, prevent, and correct fall danger on the job sites. The course additionally provides information about the responsibilities on managers’ side, calculation of fall distances, as well as the safety gears, and protection systems installation. For the safety of construction workers and to ensure that the working environment is free of fall risks, it is therefore important that every manager completes this training.

The Drug and Alcohol Awareness Class

Since one-third of all workplace injuries are connected to drug or substances abuse, there are no doubts about how important it is to complete a drug and alcohol awareness course to comply with NYC DOB SST requirements. The purpose of this training is to educate the construction managers on the impact that substance dependency has on workers, the hazards which are caused by it, and the signs which help to recognize if the worker is under the influence or not. After the course, the supervisors will be able to provide a safe and healthy work environment on the construction site.

In the end, it is difficult to tell an exact number for how much the construction manager makes in New York. The salary range depends on many factors including degree, experience, certifications, and additional skills. Regardless of the set of other requirements, completing the NYC DOB SST is the priority. Once all the criteria are met, the average salary of a construction supervisor appears between $113,000 and $147,000.


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