What is the average Indian High School Dubai Fees?

Dubai is one of the blooming destinations when it comes to education. And one of the characteristics of Dubai is affordable education when compared to the USA, Australia, and other developed countries. It is considered as one of the popular cities for education and residence.

Dubai is known for a complex integration of various universities providing holistic development to students. The successful placement rates prove the credibility of the institution. Indian schools in Dubai like Bright Riders School, Indian Academy, and Global Indian International School, provide personalised pathways for students to develop as an individual. Some schools’ average fee structure varies from AED 7020 to AED 15,002. However, some schools have a higher notch in their fee structure varying from AED 28,065 to AED 51,364. As families belong to varied financial strata based on their annual income and business turnovers, Indian schools in Dubai provide diversified options for parents to choose from. The parents can also pick one based on their KHDA ratings.

While these schools have different KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority) ratings, their sole aim is to aid students to prosper in their respective fields. 

Below mentioned are two of the Top CBSE Schools in Dubai offering quality education – 

1) GIIS Dubai

A CBSE – IGCSE – International Baccalaureate Diploma school known for its splendid performance in academics and great education to students, GIIS has won more than 200+ National and International awards. The basic fee structure of this Indian school ranges from AED 15000 (2021-22) for Pre-KG to AED 24000 (2021-22) for Grade 10/Class 10. The digital classrooms, huge sports field, immersion centre, music studio, dance studio; serves as a plus point for the students. 

GIIS Dubai high school is also known for providing scholarships to students, namely Global Future Ready Scholarship, Zayed Gandhi Merit-Cum-Means Scholarship, Dr. ABJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship, and many other programs to provide a righteous platform to students filled with potential. Even though the eligibility criteria are diversified and separate for each scholarship, these diversified options allow the school to include many students under their educational umbrella. All these programs, based on academics, sports, talent, and other characteristics, aid the families facing financial crunch but have a bundle of talent at home.

2) JSS International 

JSS International, being one of the recent Indian Schools in Dubai, offers quality education to students from Pre-Kindergarten to Class 12. The high school recently opened for parents residing in New Dubai. The school is known for transporting students at a nominal fee and for providing exceptionally well infrastructural facilities to students. The basic fee structure of JSS ranges from AED 14,117 to AED 36,837.

To conclude, it is important to compare all the Indian school’s admission fees, the facilities they provide, the kind of curriculum they follow, and their experienced teachers to hunt down the best school for your child.