What is the Average Cloud Computing Engineer Salary in Dubai?

Cloud computing’s demand is increasing at a rate higher than any other stream in the world right now. Accelerated especially by the COVID-19 pandemic, the shifting of organizations from brick and mortar to digital spaces has picked a fast pace. Companies have realized the potential of cloud servers, how they provide security, robustness, and better accessibility at the same time.

Data from Indeed.com shows that the Cloud computing sector grew by almost 42% in mere three years between 2018 and 2021. Gartner further predicts that the cloud computing jobs would triple by next year. This impressive growth is assumed to sustain a Cumulative Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 17.5% and cross the $300 billion mark soon.

These growth stats have been attracting students to pursue this stream worldwide, including countries like the USA, India, UAE, China, New Zealand, etc. An increasing craze has been for a Cloud Computing Course in Dubai, as the city offers one of the best career options globally.

The average salary offered by a cloud-based job in Dubai is around AED 302,456 (Arab Emirates Dirham). This converts to roughly $82,345 in the USA. Given below is the detailed information regarding the salary offered to a cloud computing engineer in Dubai. Before that, let’s make sure we all are on the same page regarding Cloud computing.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is the most talked about term in the IT world, along with some allied terms like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Big Data. The technology allows you to store your resources and data on cloud, the warehouse of the digital space.

Using the cloud, you get the advantage of sharing your data with anyone at any time, without caring about where they are. Cloud is like an online server managing all your data resources; thus you can also get rid of your local server infrastructure.

There are chiefly three kinds of clouds, descriptions of which are given below.

  • Private Cloud: These are cloud servers that are meant for only one organization. These can be managed by the organization itself, or even a 3rd party.
  • Public Cloud: These are the most common cloud platforms today. They allow multiple companies to store their resources on this public cloud.
  • Hybrid Cloud: Hybrid clouds provide service, which is a mixture of both private and public cloud platforms.

The most popular Public Cloud services include Microsoft’s Azure, Amazon’s AWS, and Google’s GCP.

What is the Benefit of Using a Cloud?

Some of the key benefits of using a cloud computing service are listed below.

  • By storing your data online, you get rid of local servers. This in turn saves both money and physical space.
  • Cloud servers are hosted by reputed companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. So, they offer better and comprehensive security to your resources, especially when cyber threats are rising.
  • With your files stored on the cloud, you can use them from anywhere at any time. This is especially useful when everyone is Working from Home.

Cloud Computing Engineer Salary in Dubai

The cloud computing jobs come in various forms like Cloud Architect, DevOps Engineer, SysOps Administrator, Cloud Practitioner, Security, etc. Among all of this, the highest craze is for becoming a Cloud Architect, also known as a Solutions Architect. Therefore, all of the analysis provided below is for a Cloud Architect role, as almost 90% of candidates are looking for this.

The average salary, as mentioned before, is AED 302,456 in Dubai. A suitable break up is given below.

Base PayAED 80,000 – AED 400,000
BonusUp to AED 30,000
Profit SharingUp to AED 50,000

Source: payscale.com

There are, however, very few companies that focus on Profit Sharing with regular employees.

What are the Skills Required to Become a Cloud Solution Architect in Dubai?

Cloud computing is a very demanding role as candidates are expected to look after various things. These include tasks ranging from selecting the cloud service platform to performing the entire data migration from the local servers to cloud servers. Some essential skills required to become a cloud architect, along with the average salary they offer, are shown in this table below.

SkillAverage SalaryEffect Caused by Skill in Pay
Enterprise SolutionsAED 291,896+11%
System ArchitectureAED 348,140+15%
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)AED 412,000+36%
Software ArchitectureAED 334,225+10%
IT ConsultingAED 318,000+5%

Source: payscale.com

What are the Senior Job Roles after a Solutions Architect Role?

Dubai offers tremendous job growth opportunities, and many solution architects soon find them at better positions in the hierarchy. However, one thing is to be noted that the market in Dubai is competitive and thus you need to upgrade yourself with the latest skills, from time to time. Below are some key job roles after working as a cloud architect, along with their average salary in Dubai.

Job RoleAverage Salary
Senior Solutions ArchitectAED 287,438
Enterprise Architect, ITAED 371,613
Principal ArchitectAED 312,000
Enterprise Architecture DirectorAED 610,000

Source: payscale.com

So if you are also interested in a cloud-based role, now might be the best time to join this industry. The growth stats clearly show how the market is going to rock in the upcoming years. So gear up now, join an online course, and do not look back. The World is Yours!