What is Stone Incense?

Stone incense burner is one of the worship products produced from monolithic natural mountain rock material. Products of stone incense burners used for worship are located at churches, mausoleums, from the street, memorials to martyrs’ cemeteries, places of worship or communal houses, lăng mộ đá temples, shrines to burn incense for many generations.

Ninh Van stone handicraft village

With a history of nearly 500 years of establishment and development. Ninh Van stone handicraft village has been strongly striving, stone architectural products, stone worshiping items do not serve the needs of local people but also export orders to overseas.

Here, the next layer of skill of the father was born, from which valuable products are always preserved and stored. Today’s young people have flowers and experience, and are supported effectively by machines in production. Launched products with high aesthetics, extremely meticulous sculptural patterns. The top product of fine art stone scent is the quintessence of the design, combining spiritual feng shui elements with five elements.

Each product is shaped when it is worshiped at each cultural and spiritual work, it brings the emotional mind and enthusiasm of the people who send it to that product.

The general structure of fine art stone incense burner

The product is manufactured on natural stone material, ensures high aesthetics in design, withstands weather, weather conditions well. Made on green stone, white stone, yellow stone, grinding stone, young stone ..

Samples of incense burners in Thanh Hoa rocky mountains are selected more than the rest.

Because this is a durable specimen, suitable for feng shui for folk worship, the price is relatively cheap.

The samples of grinding stone, white stone, and yellow stone are used more often to worship Buddha.

The incense tip sample is divided into two main patterns: the square pattern and the round pattern.

The pattern of carved stone on the top of the body is produced based on cultural factors, high aesthetics and regional religion.

The Buddhist worship stone pattern is carved in the shape of a dragon adoring the Moon’s face.

The Catholic stone incense burner features a vines and cross pattern.

The general structure of the jar is grafted on 3 parts together.

The base of the incense burner

Includes 3 legs with round incense burner, 4 legs with square stone scent.

Body top incense

Exquisitely carved patterns, connecting the legs and ears of the jar create a unique product in our culture of worship.

Rock-flavored ears

Produced in many different models and attached to the body of the altar, the top ear pattern is used a lot such as: Cloud ears, dragon ears, dragon’s ears, ear trien …

The size of the incense burner is calculated according to the mouth diameter of the jar, and is manufactured in accordance with the Feng Shui red size.

The meaning of worshiping beautiful stone incense burners

We all go to spiritual places, worship culture, encounter  đá mỹ nghệ a product sample of stone incense, rock scent is very close and sacred.

From ancient times, fathers used this product in burning incense to worship ancestors, or gods. Due to economic circumstances, at that time it was only possible to use incense burners made of bricks or shaped cement.

Today stone incense products are replaced by stone materials, natural mountain rock, which fully converges important elements in the spiritual field of our Vietnamese people.

At each place of worship, placing a set of incense burners accompanied by a pair of stone lamps, a pair of beautiful stone cranes in the five element architecture.