What Is SR22 Insurance? The Complete Guide

Do you need sr22 insurance? You may have never heard the term previously.

What is sr22 insurance?

It’s a certificate showing that you’ve met the state’s minimum auto insurance coverage. SR22 coverage isn’t an actual policy.

Instead, it’s a status that’s attached to your driving record. In particular, anyone convicted of a DUI will receive an sr22, including those with suspended licenses. After reviewing your driving record, the insurance company will give you the sr22 certificate.

That said, not all insurance companies provide this type of coverage. The good news is that you can receive sr22 certification within the same day.

This article will explain the sr22 certification process in greater detail. Read further to know more.

How SR22 Insurance Works

After you receive an sr22, your insurance company will be notified. From there, your carrier will look deeper into your driving record. After, they will either cancel or maintain your policy.

If reps keep your policy, they will issue the sr22 certificate. Others refer to the certificate as a certificate of financial responsibility (CFR). Regardless, the certificate means that you followed the auto insurance mandates of your state.

The certificate may come with a higher insurance premium. If insurance reps cancel your policy, you must find an insurance company that will accept your sr22 status.

The Importance of sr22 Insurance

Any person who was convicted of a DUI will need sr22 insurance to get their driving privileges back. Moreover, people who have committed repeated driving offenses need this certificate. For example, you may have to meet his requirement if you have several traffic tickets within six months.

Overall, you may need sr22 if have a major driving violation on your record. The following may apply to you:

  • If you failed to pay child support
  • If you drove on a suspended or revoked license
  • If you got into an accident without insurance

To know if you need sr22, you can check with your local DMV.

Different Types of sr22 Insurance

The types of sr22 insurance include operator’s certificate, owner-operator’s certificate, owner’s certificate, and non-owner sr22 insurance. The operator’s certificate means that you must get certification to drive someone else’s vehicle.

The owner-operator option means you must obtain certification for vehicles owned by you and other parties. The owner alternative means coverage for any vehicle that you own but don’t intend to drive.

The non-owner option means you’ll receive secondary insurance to keep your primary insurance policy. However, the policy won’t cover vehicles already covered by your main policy. This is an option if your primary insurance provider doesn’t provide sr22 coverage.

SR22 Insurance Carriers

Major insurance carriers provide sr22 coverage. However, some insurance providers don’t provide sr22 because they don’t want to cover risky drivers. Therefore, you must shop around to see which carrier provides this option.

Shopping for SR22 Coverage

Getting sr22 coverage can be a hassle because insurance companies may cancel or decline to renew your policy. Even insurance companies that normally accept high-risk applicants can deny coverage.

However, you still have options. You can look for coverage in your state’s insurance pool. You can find these plans in your state’s directory of automobile insurance.

Despite the hurdles, you can still find a plan that fits within your budget.

The Cost of SR22

Getting an Financial Responsibility Insurance Certificate (SR-22) usually begins with a low price. However, you’ll pay additional fees along the way, and the fees depend on your state’s guidelines. The quote depends on such factors as:

  • Violation
  • Region
  • Insurance company
  • Age
  • Driving history
  • Marital status

Overall, you could spend between $300 to $800 on an sr22 policy. Some insurance companies mandate an upfront payment of the entire balance.

SR22 Timespan

If you have a DUI, the sr22 will remain for three years after your license suspension. If an insurance company cancels your policy, find a new policy immediately. You must maintain continuous insurance coverage. The DMV will know if your insurance carrier cancels the policy.

If you don’t meet his requirement, the DMV will issue another suspension. If you maintain continuous coverage, the state will remove the sr22 and reinstate your license at an allotted timeframe.

FR44 Insurance

Fr44 insurance is similar to sr22, but it’s for higher-risk drivers. Additionally, Florida and Virginia are the only states that have this requirement. Overall, an sr22 certificate is for non-alcohol offenses, and the fr44 is for DWI or DUI offenses.

If you have an fr44 status, find an insurance company that will issue an fr44 certificate. The type of insurance you need depends on your circumstance and the laws in your state.

Obtaining SR22 without a Car

You may still need to obtain an SR22 even if you don’t own a car. However, this requirement depends on state law. If you fit into this category, obtain the non-owner policy.

It’s the best option if you drive a car that you don’t own. This type of policy will protect you from liability if you get into an accident

The SR22 Insurance Process

When it comes to sr22 insurance, it’s not insurance. Instead, it’s a certificate that insurance companies provide. States will impose this certificate on motorists with repeated traffic violations. To keep your sr22 certificate, you must maintain insurance coverage.

Failure to do so will result in additional license suspensions. Even though some insurance companies reject sr22 policyholders, you can still shop around to find the best quote for you.

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