What is SEO and How It Works for Small Businesses?

Newly coming businesses are still not aware of what is Search Engine Optimization, to give them a guide to all the small businesses who are newly established in the market, has to learn the small few practices along with the trend as a whole point of it is to grow the business with the brand identity. And also that SEO has its own impact on the business, it becomes crucial to understand the impacts of it to give the business a better shape. 

To start with SEO, one must know the basics of it and it starts from the definition of SEO and how it works? To answer this is a point of this article, so let’s dig deeper.

What is SEO and how does it work?

Simply this stands for Search Engine Optimization. The technique to optimize the website of your business to have organic traffic on the search engine result page.

In another way trying to make the website look more appealing to the search engine so that it may position your website on the top rank of the search engine result page to increase the chances of visibility.

The reason for this implementation by Google is to provide the users with an easy experience. This depends on various other factors as it has to consider the best website for the user to read. So the concern here is the Google crawler looks for a user-friendly website and also the good quality content for the good read. Google crawler is able to do so then that is because it is trained with an algorithm to do the deliberated task so that it can help the good article to reach on the top of the page.

Knowing how it works and what it actually means, it’s time for you to implement Search Engine Optimization for your content and do the right  SEO marketing.

Due to the fact that Google does not reveal the algorithm, it’s upon us to know what factors are important to consider to optimize the website. depends on the factors of on-page Search Engine Optimization and off-page Search Engine Optimization.

 Let’s have a look at the factors affecting SEO.

  1. Content 

Are you in Google’s index? The subsequent barrier you need to go through is assuring the content material is applicable to the audience who are viewing.

If one lacks in the relevancy of the content to what the user expects then the chances of the user backing out from the website are more. You don’t want to be there right? Then give the best quality of content for the good reading experience. 

Not just this is important for the users but also the crawler looks for this too before showing any sort of results to the client’s but in a different way. It doesn’t really understand your content the way the human does but identifies the content around a keyword with the structure. 

Are you going to write blog posts? Try coming up with updates with a lot more posts for the users to have traction otherwise, they consider you as an inactive user. Rewriting the content or editing it can improvise the quality of the content over time.

onpage seo

  1. On-page SEO

Everything on the website that contributes to giving the user the best experience is the factor that needs to be well-taken care and are called on-page factors. 

  • Title page

 The heading that tells both the user and SEO what the content is about.

  • Meta description

Gives brief detail about the content in all the pages for better understanding.

  • Subheadings

 Just like in the book if you arrange the headings with H1, H2, H3, and so on, it will give an idea about what all are covered in the post and also helps crawlers to better understand your website to rank you on the search engine results page.

  • Links

Give as many links as possible relevant to your topic, so that crawlers comprehend as to what the topic is all about by reading another post.

  • Image name and alt tags

If you are using an image in your content then the keyword and the phrases must be used in the name of the image or the alt tags to improve the chance of the image to reach the users when a search query is typed.

Using a keyword and phrases are advisable but over-optimizing the website with keywords is prohibited by Google as it may penalize your website for over usage of the keywords.

On the other hand site architecture also plays a crucial role in Search Engine Optimization as it is important for the crawler to analyze the content on the pages which is possible through impressive web design.

To give search engines a better understanding of the content in your website internal linking between the pages and creating a sitemap and also submitting the same, allow the crawler to scan your website easily. Thus increasing the availability.

In the end, we cannot ignore the user experience also comes through mobile devices and users must be able to read and navigate themselves. So the website must be optimized to make it mobile-friendly, as brand awareness, is mostly due to users of the mobile. Hence it holds good for SEO.

Offpage seo

  1. Off-page SEO

Just like in on-page SEO there are certain factors that can be considered in off-page SEO which cannot be directly controlled but can be indirectly optimized to work well for you. To increase the ranking of your website in the search engine result page you also got to work on off-page SEO.

  • Trust

Google considers trust as an important factor in the user’s point of view. One can gain trust by getting links from an authorized site, that way Google knows that your website can be trusted.

  • Links

In the off-page SEO obtaining links is also vital. But it doesn’t mean you can overuse the links on your website as it may be considered as spamming. One must build links to the website by connecting to the other website holders who gave quality content and can build the backlink from there with the influence.

  • Socializing

With good quality content, it is often seen that many users share it with many other users which is vital for your business so that you can obtain more users to the website.

There are many Seo services in Dubai that ought to give you the best organic traffic and help you stand out on the search engine. 


Now if you have understood the meaning of SEO, it is easier for you to implement this strategy on your own website to have a good ranking in the search engine. Always remember that everything doesn’t happen overnight, it takes its own time to show its magic so you have to be patient enough and wait for the result. By now you must have observed the quality of the content really matters to market it anywhere and on any platform.

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