What Is SBI Hrms

SBI bank has a self-service portal for all the bank employees all over the country called the SBI HRMS (human resource management system). This portal is created for banking employees of SBI to check the salary and pension slip statements and make it easy by logging into this banking portal. Using this portal, employees can check all the leave balances or apply for a holiday by using this portal. In this portal, a retired or a working person of an SBI bank can see salary slips, pensions count, holiday calendar, Provident fund, download salary slips, check personal details, etc.

Easy process when it comes to checking salary slips or how many leaves are there in a given year, we can directly login to this portal. It is a self-service portal. We do not have to ask anyone when the question comes about checking salary slips. The best advantage we can download salary slips so we can maintain all the records every month, and for retired SBI banking employees, the good news we can see the pension details. This portal is supported by the SBI bank and is only authorized for SBI banking employees all over the country.

  • Check SBI Events

SBI employees can check all the events and seminars held by the SBI bank by login into the portal. This self-service portal is created because the bank can’t maintain all the employees’ records. The bank has a vast number of employee strengths across the country and overseas, so this portal is made so all the retired and working banking people can see all the details regarding events, salary slips, pension, etc.

  • Reimbursement Request

Using the SBI HRMS portal, we can get the reimbursement money that we spend on food, travel can be reimbursed, and we can apply through this portal, and anyone can see this by logging in the doorway. The bank made this portal a kind of self-service where every SBI banking employee and retired person can see all of the banking information.

  • Travel Request Or Leave Approval

SBI employees can apply for leave and see how many leaves are reflected in the sbi HRMS portal and take them for emergencies or vacations. It is a portal that makes the employee’s life easy and comfortable when we log in to this portal and apply for a tour request and do not have to worry anymore when we want to take a leave or going on a tour. Any SBI employees all across the country can log in to the portal to apply for a leave or tour request.

  • Check Availability Of Loan

A loan is essential, and everyone can take it when there is a necessity for an emergency or buy a house, car, or other reason. Today any SBI employees can check the loan availability or whether the person qualifies for a loan. It helps the person understand whether he/she can apply for a loan, and in this portal, we can see the status of an existing loan which we can see in the SBI HRMS portal.

  • Easy Log-In

When it comes to log in to the SBI HRMS self-service portal website, it is easy, and any employee of this bank can log in. We need to visit the SBI HRMS portal website, and then we need to click on the log-in page, which is shown in the top right corner of the page. We need to provide our ID and password. That’s simple now we have successfully logged in to the SBI HRMS portal.

  • Can Log-In From Mobile

Nowadays, we have smartphone, and any SBI banking employees can log-in through the mobile phone in this SBI HRMS portal to check salary slip or want to download or check leaves, etc., at a click of a button downloading the MY HRMS mobile app in play store. This app is created to make it easy and fast for all SBI bank employees to check all the information without log-in in from the computer or laptop, checking for salary slips, loan approval, leaves, rewards and recognition, SBI events.

  • Check Bank Holiday

Employees of the bank can check all the holiday lists in the given calendar, reflecting when we log-in to the SBI HRMS portal so employees can plan their holiday accordingly by checking the calendar and on what date there is a bank holiday happy. Employees can enjoy their holiday without asking anyone.

  • Check Provident Fund 

All the information about a provident fund can be seen by log-in in to this portal. It helps the employees check all the Provident fund status and services and is available for working employees and retired people from the bank to check by log-in to the SBI HRMS self-service portal without any worry.

  • Help To Check Salary Slip

Every employee wants to get the salary slip at the end of the month because it is hard-working money, and any SBI banking employees can check their salary slips and download them if needed. It is mandatory to check the salary slip like basic pay, PF contributions, and other added benefits, which reflect in the salary slip. Today, any employee can check either by log-in the website or through the phone’s mobile MY HRMS app.

  • Employee Appreciation

One of the best benefits any employee can get through this portal is employee appreciation. When an employee does the best work, he/she must be rewarded, and this portal helps them achieve because their name and pictures are shown in the portal. All the SBI banking employees can see the rewarded person’s reward certificate, which helps motivate the employees to the job.


SBI HRMS self-service portal helps all the SBI banking employees check all the information like salary slips, leaves, PF, gratuity, reward recognitions, loan status, events, SBI bank workshop, holiday list, and so on. We also can download my hrms app from the play store to log- in from our mobile phones.