What Is RTLS and How Can It Be Used?

Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) are gaining increasing popularity among companies from all over the globe. What are they and how can they be used to achieve the best effects? Keep reading!

Real Time Location Systems – what are they?

RTLS, standing for Real Time Location Systems, are solutions applied to automate the process of identifying and tracking assets in a specific area in real time. Thanks to them, it’s possible to keep an eye on packages, people, machinery, and many more.

RTLS solutions work thanks to a special tag attached to a selected item. Thus, when the item is transported, the tag sends relevant signals to receivers which determine the actual location of the tag and the item.

It’s also worth mentioning that there is special RTLS software that portrays obtained data in the form of meaningful interactive maps, dashboards, reports, and more (depending on chosen functionalities).

How to use RTLS?

Real Time Location Systems come in handy in various sectors and can be used to:

  • Comprehend and analyze logistics of assembly lines and track machines,
  • Improve the security of healthcare professionals and patients, optimize equipment usage and allow professionals to quickly access necessary medical records,
  • Minimize the number of asset movement mistakes and optimize the storage process in the transport industry,
  • Help teachers and lecturers check attendance, monitor valuable books and equipment,
  • Refine desk usage within companies to understand employees, check their attendance, and minimize unnecessary costs.

What’s the future?

Many people believe that RTLS will be eventually replaced by Bluetooth Low Energy solutions. However, that’s not very likely, especially if we take into account that these two offer completely different functionalities and benefits.

There are various industries, such as healthcare or logistics, where Real Time Locations Systems are a must. Although the increasing popularity of BLE devices will probably decrease the prestige of RTLS, discussed asset tracking solutions will stay with us for longer.

The takeaway

RTLS are solutions that enable automatic identification of assets and their location in real time. Although the technology is changing incredibly rapidly and there is nothing we should take for granted, Real Time Location Systems are efficient tools that probably won’t be quickly replaced. Proper application of RTLS can significantly reduce expenses within an organization while maximizing its efficiency and productivity. If you want to track valuable assets to prevent theft or deceit, this option is ideal for you.