What Is Responsive Web Design and Why Is It Important?

In the age of mobile apps, websites today tend to miss out on the mobile audience. But a simple method makes them more accessible for mobile users worldwide. What’s that method, you ask? In three words: Responsive Web Design.

The responsive design technique helps adjust your website’s content according to devices of different sizes. For example, if it’s on a phone, the website will adapt its design properties to match its settings, and the same goes for other smart devices like tablets.

With the global outreach of smart devices being significantly higher than PCs, this is a must-have feature for websites of all kinds. Whether you have a blog site, an eCommerce setup, an online portfolio, or a business website, it needs to look good on devices of all sizes.

Even for getting a new website developed by a web design company in Los Angeles, Houston, or any other city, you still need to insist on a responsive web design to offer your users the best website experience.

The Importance of Responsive Web Design for You

Having a responsive web design helps you meet user expectations. Users judge your brand by how good your website is, even if it’s the mobile version. So, if you’re a startup, you need to leave a lasting impression with a responsive user experience, and if you’re a well-known brand, you especially need to maintain your high reputation with it.

A design that fits any device increases your authority as a brand and instills trust among users for your business. In this manner, a responsive design helps you efficiently impress your website visitors.

The Responsive Design Method

Making a website responsive involves managing the CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) of a website. Here you can set the color changes, orientation, resolution sizes, and other style changes of various content on your website. You can also hide some content for mobile devices or even set them to display certain content specifically on tablets.

Is Responsive Design Worth It If I Have a Mobile App?

Yes, it is. I do understand why you may have doubts about it, though. The concept of a less expensive non-responsive website and a separate mobile app sounds way more reasonable. Meanwhile, a responsive web design seems less feasible if you also have a mobile application, to begin with. But stay with me on this. Trust me; it will make sense.

Backup Mobile Version Of Your Site

First, you should consider that not all people will install your app immediately. They might need further convincing. But you know what? They might find your website via a web search or ad redirects through a browser. Now, if they do, they’ll expect an excellent user interface on their mobile device. You can promise them that impressive UI with a responsive design.

Conversions To Mobile Application

And we know you want those mobile users on your application, too, cause that’s basically why you had the app made in the first place. You know how you can convince them? Give them a good experience with your mobile site first. After that, greet them with text callouts to your mobile app, telling them how the app experience is better than the web experience.


In these ways, a responsive design is a win-win situation for you. Not only do you keep your users from switching to another service, but you can also get them to install your app. This is why you should always have a mobile application and ensure the most responsive web design to cater to all kinds of web and mobile users for your brand.

Responsive Web Design Services in Los Angeles

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