What is Rajasthan Pollution Control Board certificate?

Any individual or a business entity engaged in a manufacturing activity, hotels, restaurant, hospital or a clinic in Rajasthan is required to have a Pollution Control Board Registration or Pollution Board license to make sure that the particular activity is compliant with the rules and regulations of Rajasthan Pollution Control Board and the air or water pollution by the business activity is within the limits set by the Rajasthan Pollution Control Board .

The consent certificate from the Rajasthan Pollution Control Board is also called a Pollution Board license or Pollution Board NOC. The certificate for white category of business is called as the Pollution Board Registration while the Certificate for Green, Orange and Red category of Business activity is called as the Pollution Board Consent. Rajasthan Pollution Board consent is of two types. The Consent to Establish (CTE) certificate is issued for establishing a business, i.e construction of the factory premises, installation of the machinery etc. The Consent to Operate (CTO) certificate is issued after the Consent to Establish (CTE) certificate and when the business becomes fully operational.

For construction of Premises (Land) or Installation of machinery (constructed premises)

Application of other licenses which include

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  2. Application for Trade license
  3. Application for Factory License
  4. Application for Health Trade License
  5. Application for Eating House License / Police NOC
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  7. Application for Ground Water Abstraction (Boring NOC)
  8. Application for Liquor License