What Is Positive Motivation?

When you were a child, you were subject to two kinds of motivation – positive motivation and negative motivation. When you did something bad, you were scolded and that was an example of negative motivation. But, when you did something good, you were rewarded, maybe with a smile or a hug, or even a gold star on the fridge. That positive motivation made you want to keep doing good things, yet sometimes negative motivation angers the recipient so much that they only keep doing the bad ones.

Schools have long known that a system of positive motivation techniques is far more effective at keeping children in line. By using a system of rewards for even the most minute positive behavior, children are more apt to pay attention, do the right thing, and help others. The same is true for adults. A salesperson who works on commission is being rewarded in much the same way – the better job they do, the more money they make.

You can also use positive motivation to alter your Nasgo behavior and for us adults that usually means how much we eat or drink, whether we smoke or not, or if we are sticking to our exercise plan. For you, it might mean taking control of your financial situation. Whatever the problem or issue that you need to change, using positive motivation as a way to do it is always the best way.

In other words, if you need to lose weight, instead of denying yourself and punishing yourself with more exercise every time you eat too much, think about putting a reward out there a few months ahead, like a vacation or that pair of shoes you have always wanted. By rewarding yourself, you will be more apt to continue doing whatever it is that you need to be doing.

Positive Motivation Is Essential for Success in Life

You can usually tell when someone is self-motivated. They have this energy about themselves that spreads to others. They work extremely hard, pushing their mind or body to the extreme. Because of their positive mindset, it quickly passes itself onto others. The positive motivation similarly pushes other people, partly because these individuals are followers.

However, it can also work in the opposite direction. If you have someone with a SEC negative mindset, and they are a leader, they will breathe negative motivation. People end up doubting their goals and won’t end up doing the extra things to achieve them. Many times this means the goal will probably never happen.

Positive motivation is essential for someone wanting to be successful in life. There are times when you can take an average person with extreme motivation, and they will move ahead of someone with extreme talent and no motivation. This can be frustrating to any mentors who watch this situation. This is where you hope the person with a lot of positive motivating factors will overrule the person with a negative attitude.

So, how do you pass this positive trait on to other people? If you are in a situation to work with people, then it is your job to share these motivating factors with others, so they can accomplish their given tasks with success. This can be a cross country team, a company floor, or even small children.

These motivations are also necessary for the workforce, as it gets people to work even harder and sometimes faster. If a person is motivated positively, they will be more than likely to work even harder, longer, and for sometimes less money. Positive motivation will fight the negative counterpart, helping to keep employees happy and willing to work hard.

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