What is Pinterest SEO?

When you think of search engine optimization (SEO), you probably don’t think about Pinterest.

Pinterest is an image-based platform and is often used to create vision boards, shopping wishlists, or endless inspirational quotes.

If Pinterest is image-based and doesn’t seem to rely on keywords, then what does SEO have to do with it? First, it’s important to analyze how the Pinterest search engine works and what the algorithm favors in order to optimize your content for SEO.

Over 400 million people visit Pinterest every month and 90% of them make decisions about buying based on what they find on this platform. For this reason, it’s so important to build brand awareness on Pinterest. The challenge is to create SEO-friendly content that makes your pins visible to a large audience. That’s what Pinterest SEO is all about!

How the Pinterest Search Engine Works

Pinterest can be a powerful digital marketing tool. It’s not just a place to find good recipes and decor ideas. If used effectively, this platform could help your business gain more visibility and eventually generate more revenue.

Four factors that influence Pinterest SEO:

  1. Domain Quality
  2. Pin Quality
  3. Pinner Quality
  4. Pin Relevance

Domain quality refers to the quality of your website according to Pinterest’s standards. When you pin consistently and create high-quality and engaging content, it improves your domain quality.

Pin quality is determined by its popularity and the amount of engagement it attracts. The more times your pin gets shared, the better your engagement and pin quality becomes. The algorithm favors those who are highly active and highly engaged with followers.

Pinner quality refers to your consistency on the platform. When you pin high-quality, popular content on a daily basis, it improves your pinner quality. This brings more viewers to your profile introducing them to even more interesting pins that lead to your website.

Pin relevance is a combination of domain, pin, and pinner quality. All these factors are used to determine the relevance of your pins to Pinterest users. Pin relevance relates to how closely your audience’s searches and interests match with your content.

These four factors greatly influence the way the Pinterest search engine ranks content.

Yes, Pinterest is a search engine!

It’s not just a personal vision board, it can be so much more than that. Understanding these four factors will help you make better decisions that could potentially improve your Pinterest SEO.

Pinterest SEO for Businesses

Like many other search engines, Pinterest is highly-competitive so it’s important to outrank your competitors. The benefits of optimizing your content on Pinterest are worth the effort of trying to improve your SEO.

Some people choose to go the extra mile and hire SEO professionals to optimize their content to get a higher ROI from their Pinterest profiles. This is great for those who want to take a more strategic digital marketing approach.

Many people also choose to optimize their own content through trial and error. Whatever method you eventually choose, remember that Pinterest SEO is worth paying close attention to!

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