What is PIG Valve? – A Complete Guide for Engineer

Pipelines and plumbing are two significant factors in the oil and gas industry. But the buildup of pipelines can reduce the speed of transmission and may result in cracks. So, it is important to maintain the pipeline for easy and continuous flow of liquid.

Pipeline pigging is the best way to clean and maintain the pipelines of the oil and gas industry to prevent plugging or any other obstructions. Pipeline pigging is also known as PIG. The letters PIG stands for pipeline intervention gadgets.

PIG Valve

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In simple terms, pipeline pigging is a word that is used to explain the process of cleaning the pipeline system of the oil and gas industry with the help of a device known as a PIG. The pipeline PIG’s of the oil and gas industry are launched using a PIG trap that includes a receiver. The PIG device replicates the actions of a Gun barrel or cleaning brush that scrubs out any debris located on the inner sides of pipelines. And the valve that is used in the pigging process is known as PIG valves.

PIG valves are made by some of the reputed manufacturers in the UAE, such as Camtech Manufacturing. Camtech Manufacturing is the first, and one of the few API accredited valve manufacturing company in the UAE developing high quality and zero leak technology valves.

PIG valves are available in open-cell polyurethane foam, solid cast urethane, and in a solid steel body. To support the various applications of the PIG valves in the pipeline, they are made in different configurations.

Characteristics of PIG valve

  1. In a PIG valve, the stem is designed to be blow out proof. This is because the stem of the valve is installed through the body to carry out its function. Hence the body must retain the stem for proper application.
  2. The material used in the making of the valve is selected in a way that resists the corrosion caused by the fluid present in the pipeline.
  3. The PIG valve of well-known companies like Camtech is robust in construction.
  4. The PIG valves function both as a launcher and receiver.
  5. The PIG valves are cost-effective and come with lesser joints and components for easy installation.

Types of pigging valves

Different types of pigging valves available in the market are as follows:

  1. 1. Utility PIG valve: They are launched to remove unwanted material like wax from the pipelines. This type of valves is used to scrub out the debris from the pipeline or seal the line.
  2. Inspection PIG valve: This type of PIG valve is used to gather information about the pipeline, such as diameter, curvature, bends, and temperature. The inspection PIG valve is also known as smart valves.

Application of PIG valve

Earlier PIG valve was used in removing debris from large diameter pipelines. Today PIG valves are used in maintaining small pipelines by riser engineers.. They are also used in the gas gathering system, oil, and gas industry and as a control seal launcher.

Bottom line:

PIG valves are essential components of pipelines that maintain and clean them. The valves are designed in a variety of sizes and pressure ratings to meet the needs of the project.