What is Mymedicalme.com? How to Sign Up mymedicalme.com Account?

Mymedicalme is a web patient service provider company. It allows patients to make online payments using its self-service portal. If you have received the medical collection details, you will use this online platform to make the online payment. MyMedicalMe.com is a web platform that allows its customers to view their latest medical payments, activities, payments, and transactions to view the details of their bills and their billing details.

This website provides a 24-hour service for customers who log in with a username and password. But you will pay yourself without entering. If you have received a medical bill from your doctor or pharmacist, you will easily pay it within minutes by visiting www.mymedicalme.com.

Facilities available in my medical me:

You can easily view the payment details, manage and print, and check in on the created log.

You can also view the cost and history of your payments and print the equivalent for any referrals.

You will enter your data and add your details if a new complaint is created.

After entering, you will know as a P payment system, determine the payment method available.

For later references, you will also update your contact details if there are changes to the address or telephone number.

Users can change their information settings by counting device, data updates, or transaction status as secure or fake.

You can also choose the payment method as per the available options. The payment option can also be changed.

How to Sign Up for mymedicalme.com Account?

First, open your browser and type www.mymedicalme.com in the address bar.

If you visit My Medical for the first time, you’ll see a pop-up that says, “I’m in the medical field only; click here to register.” Click on the link and register your account.

This will direct you to the registration page, so you want to provide the required information later to register yourself on MyMedicalMe.com.

Last 4 digits of your telephone number

Last 4 digits of your Social Security number

Your date of birth.

After verifying your details, you will receive billing details which you need to save as a symbol of receipt generated by My Medical.

Copy those little molds you gave to my medical and then press verify.

Be patient while verifying your admission system through your database, and if the knowledge provided by you is correct, then you will continue with the further process.

In the next step, you will be directed back to the page where you want to act later.

add your personal information

Choose your username and password

Send your full name, address, email id, and related details.

After completing and confirming your account, click on Terms and Conditions and then click on Send.

Some Review: 

Most of the other reviewers are right. The weird website turns up when you try to register. Then after about ten minutes, I got confirmation that my account had been created. Then they ask for a login again. This time I get an error message with a request to call their office. This is from an anesthesiology office for a procedure conducted in a hospital that advertises consolidated billing. Unfortunately, I had no way to choose my provider, so I had to parse their confusing invoices. Since I am not their direct customer, I do not understand why I should receive the bills directly.

What a nightmare! First, when I received statement #1 they misspelled my name! So on mymedicalme.com, I had to use my wrong surname – I tried every combination from the last 4 of SSN, my date of birth, phone #, id number, and it wouldn’t validate – finally, after the 30th time, it gave me Allowed to create a user id, password – all that jazz – when I click register it just hangs and doesn’t do anything. I refreshed and did it over and over again. Nothing – does absolutely nothing but tries to load. 

I went back and tried to log in – I entered the user id and password I tried to create, and it sits on the “please wait for” message again like it’s trying to load – I Let it do its job, and I came back 1 hour later, and it was still trying to load. What POS – This is linked to Bristol Hospital in CT – This is a scam to force people to call the phone # – I believe this is all on purpose as I have read thousands of similar complaints. Huh. How shameful it is! They can bill me $4,056.40, but I can’t get their friggin’ website to work. It is a shameful thing! Reporting to the BBB. If I could give a rating of 0 or worse, I would.

My wife and I have received bills from mymedicalme ignoring the amount the patient was responsible for. They billed us for doctors’ fees less than the insurance company paid. Further, they should have deducted the amount, which was not allowed.