What is More Important SEO Or Google Advertising

Digital marketing has introduced a lot of ways to benefit the business. SEO(Search engine optimization) and Google advertising are two important ways. Both of them have equal benefits and are having equal importance in getting your brand noticed in front of the target audience. Search engine optimization works for getting your website ranking good in the SERP whereas the ads permit you to target specific keywords. And then allow you to create an ad that advertises your website by deploying particular keywords. The main motive of both channels is to enhance search visibility. If you want to become your business a full-fledged brand, then both are relevant in that case.

What are the diverse roles of SEO and Google Advertising?

SEO and Ads have exclusive but balancing roles. The SEO emphasizes making the site look good to the clients as well the main motive behind SEO Dubai is to recognize which people query about and then engage them. It includes various things that start from the content that you provide and the images, video that you make. , Moreover, it also focuses on optimizing the layout of the site. Site layout optimization includes that design should be user-friendly, and tranquil to navigate, moving users through your site in a reasonable way.

Google Advertising also is known as Google Ads, on the other hand, are ways of promoting display data online. It permits you to pay each time an individual click on an ad you produce. This ad is intended for the users who type in particular keywords on the search engines, permitting you to target users involved in specific topics.

So if you want to gain visibility for relevant keywords, Google Ads, therefore, can assist you in that, even before you have the site status and SEO rankings desired to view results from your organic efforts.

Do Google Ads aid with SEO?

Yes, it does….!! Google Ads and SEO when used appropriately, do wonder. They work so effectively for the brands that track their organic traffic as well as the ranking. Google Ads can also be deployed for testing the consumer response to specific keywords. For example, trademarks can make ads for keywords that they are seeing optimized for. They can then trail the clients who click on the ad and understand how well they reply to the landing page and the rest of the website. 

Keywords that carry in visitors with upper conversion rates and more engagement will then take an upper priority to those that do not see as much achievement.

SEO data also are proven as a complete boon for keyword data. It can also be used to grab the right chances for Ads. Recognition of keywords that have great search rates, but that also have high competition — meaning that it will be problematic for a website to make a slot on the front page of the SERP — will likely be good applicants for Ads campaigns. 

As a brand builds a digital policy, considerate the different roles of Google Ads, and SEO in structuring a web presence is critical to success. The better that businesses can use these two dissimilar features together for their advantage, the better their perspective results in Search.

SEO vs. Google Advertising

SEO and Google Ads put emphasis on assisting in grabbing more traffic on your website which eventually becomes leads that finally become conversions. 

Key points


Google Advertising


Produces traffic uninterruptedly

Only produces traffic for the campaign duration


search results involve placements

Google-owned, search results and partner websites are involved for placements

Clicking cost

It doesn’t make you anything when clickable on listing

You emolument when persons click on your listing


Slowly and steadily results and hence it takes time

Prompt outcomes

Tracking metrics

ROI and Tracking analytics is time-consuming

ROI and Tracking analytics promptly

Final Thoughts

Both work effectively at their places, it all depends upon your business needs. 

Google Ads

Google Ads works best for businesses that emphasize leads and sales. If some business wants immediate results, then google ads are a very good option.


SEO works effectively if you want traffic over time or upsurge brand awareness. This strategy assists the people to know your brand and learn about it. Many big SEO companies in Dubai, use SEO for getting more traffic on their website.

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