What is Microsoft Offic

What is Microsoft Office definition?
Microsoft office is defined as a suite that provides various applications to promote desktop productivity. It is designed to be used for personal as professional purposes to meet the needs well. The Microsoft product is considered as a proprietary package of Microsoft Corporation that was first introduced in the year 1990.

Microsoft Office 365

The availability of Microsoft office is in 35 distinct languages which are used in

  1. Windows
  2. Mac
  3. iPhone
  4. Android, or any other software supported devices.

The programme is supported by various applications like Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access, Outlook, etc.

The prime purpose of Microsoft Office is to automate the manual work that is done in the office through a number of purpose-built applications.

All these different applications offer a distinct office domain and knowledge like,

  1. Microsoft word: This application helps the users to create documents in text formats. It is the most popular program for word-processing with which one can create brochures, letters, tests, learning activities, quizzes and other homework assignments for students’ uses. There are a number of simple and useful features available in this application offered by Microsoft office that facilitate both the work and educational sectors. The application is embedded with some of the essential features of MS word are, creation of documents, checking the spellings or grammar errors; inclusion of header, footer, page numbers, layouts, etc.; securing the documents with password protection, and much more.
  2. Microsoft Excel: This application of the Microsoft office is designed to create numerical spreadsheets or complex data easily. The Excel is a spreadsheet program introduced by Microsoft Corporation that helps in creating texts or grids; calculations that are done by numbers and formulas; etc. It is a popular tool that is used to keep the records of income and expenditure, chart data, budget planning, concise presentation of fiscal results, etc. The application also consists of powerful programming capabilities that the users can use to develop various scientific and financial computation easily.
  3. Microsoft PowerPoint: Microsoft PowerPoint is a stand-alone application that is designed to support presentations. It offers the users to combine graphics, texts, multi-media contents, images, etc. and thereby facilitates the creation of professional presentations. The several uses of MS PowerPoint are the creation of consistent and professional format of presentation, organizing and structuring presentations, creation of illustrative backdrops to support the presentation, animation effect to enhance the visual impact of the presentation, etc.
  4. Microsoft Access: In simple words, Microsoft Access in a tool for information management that helps in storing information for future uses such as reporting, reference, analysis, etc. By enabling this application, the users can easily analyze information even available in large amounts, manage all the relative data efficiently and makes the work more productive. Although Microsoft Access is much likely to other databases, it simplifies the creation of contents and managing the relationship between various things.
  5. Microsoft Publisher: Microsoft Publisher is introduced to create and publish marketing materials easily. The users can print or distribute the documents or publications efficiently with the help of this enormous application of Microsoft Office.

The latest version introduced for Microsoft office is Office 2019, released on Sept 2019. It is an application in both Windows and Mac. The Windows version is available only for PCs supported by Windows 10. For other Windows like Windows 7, 8, 8.1, etc., the users can get the latest 2016 office 365 version