What is Mansiondeal ?

Mansiondeal is an African online real estate marketplace that specializes in rentals and houses for sale.Mansiondeal currently serves East African countries and has its headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. Mansiondeal aims to connect real estate agents, developers and rental managers with potential home buyers and renters through its website. Mansiondeal also provides real estate reports to help the general public understand the real estate market before selling, buying or investing in real estate.

Mansiondeal being the best cutting edge online marketplace greatly focuses on rentals, houses and short-term accommodation. It has continued to grow due to its accessibility and affordability. Despite the changing trends across the globe especially with matters to do with technology, Mansiondeal has thrived through this by coming up with a mobile website that has consolidated all the services and tools provided by Mansiondeal to ensure it satisfies the customer needs in the comfort of their homes without having to physically visit a property.

 This has been of great benefit especially after the Covid-19 pandemic struck and movements were restricted. Its flexibility in terms of services and tools offered to help consumers access houses, homestays and rentals has enabled Mansiondeal to stay on top of its competitors.

The real estate industry has been a lucrative and profitable sector and Mansiondeal has gone a step ahead by focusing on customer service and ensuring satisfaction by embracing  innovation and technology.

Despite the setbacks facing the real estate industry in Kenya such as inexperienced management and ineffectiveness of digital marketing strategies, Mansiondeal has come up  with innovative ways and strategies to market their properties by investing in technology, specifically the non-traditional marketing to ensure that it meets its customers needs.


Mansiondeal being driven by innovation and technology has remained one of the most patronized real estate marketplace in Africa making its services fit customer needs.

  1. Buying ,selling and letting of properties

Mansiondeal provides the best letting, buying and selling services ranging from houses, residential and commercial properties. The company has created a customer centered approach with favorable deals and ideas that guarantees a higher return on investment for real estate agents and developers.

  1. Management 

The company offers a wide range of services in management especially for rental managers and landlords for residential and commercial properties. These tools are available for all the consumers to help them manage their properties seamlessly.

  1. Consultancy 

Mansiondeal provides resources and real estate reports to help investors make better decisions and understand the market better. With its vast data Mansiondeal is able to predict real estate trends, pricing and demand.

  1. Valuations 

Mansiondeal offers valuation tools for residential and commercial properties. It also provides valuations on land making it one of the best companies offering free valuations in Africa.