What is Luxury Furniture and Why is it better?

When you combine high-end fabrics with creative styles and unique features, you simply get a show-stopping usable art piece in the center of your home.

Luxury styles and aesthetics are all about displaying the character, riches and the creature comforts available to beholders. When purchasing luxury furniture, 3 major themes come into play: Fabric used, quality of work and product longevity.

To help explain luxury furniture, what it is and how it makes a difference to us and our homes – A company prominently making a place for itself in the luxury furniture industry, Valencia Theater Seating, will be used as an example. Valencia seating provides the best luxury seating on the market currently for the living room, home theater and office space while also nailing the 3 pillars of luxury furniture.

Valencia prides themselves on their authentic semi-aniline top-grain Italian leather used on their premium and bespoke collections. This engineered leather allows for better textile breathability during long sitting sessions. The leather will also develop a deep patina over time bringing forward the character that is a defining trait of luxury furniture. Working with an authentic Italian tannery, Valencia is able to offer and provide the deeply soft and supple leather that they use to cover each chairs surfaces.

The next step is manufacturing. Putting the individual pieces of the puzzle together in one seamless art piece for the home. Manufacturing at a luxury scale is done with patience, precision and perfection. Typically this step is executed by professionals in their practice to ensure that nothing goes wrong and no mistakes are made to the unique and irreplaceable pieces.

Valencia works with a team of engineers, builders and designers to elevate, enhance and improve each of their designs. Working with engineers also gave Valencia the opportunity to introduce ergonomics into their design selections. Having ergonomics present in their seating means that every chair is meant for everybody. Ergonomics are specially designed for productivity and efficiency in our environments. Relieving our physical bodies of stress added onto the spine, hips, neck and shoulders.

Finally, the luxury item is ready to be sold. Luxury furniture being made with premium quality textiles and the utmost care during assembly is expected to last longer than your average sofa-set. When purchasing premium furniture, the costs associated reflect that character value and ultimately you want to get your money’s worth. Making sure the luxury furniture will last for years to come is imperative and what brings each piece its individual value. Valencia promises a lifetime with their seating and if you get anything less than that – they offer a warranty and return policy.

If you are looking for an extra lift to your space, authentic luxury furniture retailers will provide a customization option. With this, opening the doors to creative customizations for clients to really make their mark on their homes. Valencia provides this using the title “3D Builder” for their seating where you can customize your leather, leather color, stitching, piping and even embroider a personal brand or message onto the headrest.

Because what’s more luxury than being able to fully personalize your seating?

When shopping for your luxury furniture remember to keep these points in mind. The best furniture is made with precision, care and consideration for the family and lifestyle it is about to support. Only premium quality textiles, materials and practices can produce furniture meant to last. Luxury should last a lifetime and so should your furniture.

If you are shopping for luxury seating or sectionals, we would recommend checking out Valencia Theater Seating and browsing their 22+ styles in the collection. Calling their customer care line will also provide you with a wealth of knowledge about just how luxurious this company is and why you should take your luxury furniture and seating seriously.