What is it like to Visit London during Coronavirus?

A national lockdown has meant that activity across the country has been severely restricted, and that means paying a visit to London is off the cards for many. Despite the current restrictions, however, Londoners have found that there are still plenty of activities on offer in the city. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Parks and Gardens

The capital is home to an enviable range of outdoor spaces, in which Londoners can mingle while maintaining a safe distance. Picnics and other activities are still available, so if you’d like to grab a bite to eat out on the lawn then there’s nothing stopping you – supermarkets are still open, so you can still grab a sandwich while you’re out and about.


If you’re looking to entertain the kids, then you’re in luck there are a lot of things to do with toddlers in London. Playgrounds remain open, meaning that children can be given something to do. Of course, preventing children from getting close to one another while they’re on the swings might be tricky. Pick a suitably low-traffic time of the day, and be prepared to wait your turn.

Botanical Gardens

Kew Gardens, Ham House, Kenwood House and Hampton Court Palace are all open, albeit with restrictions in place. Outdoor spaces tend to be the most safe, as those breezes tend to carry the virus away before it has a chance to reach other people. Just make sure you keep two metres from everyone else.

Walking around London

Even if most of the attractions are closed to the public, London still has a great deal to offer the ambling tourist, thanks to a wealth of historic buildings, and plenty of eye-popping modern skyscrapers. The London Eye is temporarily closed in line with the government’s guidance, but you can expect it to reopen in early December as the lockdown measures are relaxed. While it might seem like a pod suspended in the sky might be a safe place to be, it’s hardly an essential activity.

Trains into London

If you’re planning a trip into the capital, then the train remains a (relatively) popular and safe means of getting there. You can catch a train from Doncaster to London and arrive in King’s Cross in just under two hours. Once there, you’ll have an easy time getting to your destination. The tube is still open, and buses are still available. However, facemasks are mandatory – and you could be landed with a £6,400 fine for not wearing one. Which, even if you’re not convinced of the efficacy of facemasks, should provide you with enough incentive. You might also pack a bottle of sanitizer, so you can keep your hands clean after you’ve used public transport.