What is Impound Towing and How Can It Help You Keep Unwanted Vehicles Out?

Vehicles being towed is not new, and so is the reason behind impound towing. If you own a commercial or residential property with an open parking space, then you must have encountered numerous cases of illegal parking. To help you get rid of this day-to-day problem, we have compiled a complete guide on impound towing. It will help your parking space stay free from all the unwanted cars. But before you proceed ahead, you should know what precisely is impound towing.


What is Impound Towing?


Vehicle impound towing is a legal process where the towing company can rightfully tow any vehicle that is illegally parked in a private space. The car/motorcycle/any other vehicle is taken to an impoundment lot, also known as the tow yard until the same is handed over to its original owner after fine payment and the required paperwork. Property owners facing frequent unauthorized parking problems should reach out to reliable towing companies that will instantly do the needful and tow the vehicle from your space. You should contact a towing company that has certified drivers, modern vehicles, and happy customers. If the company can tow vehicles of all sizes, then you should go ahead with it.


How is Impound Towing Beneficial for You?


The main motive of impound towing is to keep your parking space free from illegal parking of vehicles. Whenever a car is found standing on a private property’s space, the car is towed, and the vehicle owner is required to pay hefty fines. The consequences of impound towing ensure that vehicle owners are careful while parking their vehicle in any place. If you hire a reliable towing company that takes care of this issue on your behalf, then you will never see any illegal car parking in your space ever. Whether you’re a car owner or a property owner, you should be well-aware of the consequences that an unlawful parking offender may face, as it is the main reason that repels vehicle owners from repeating such mistakes.


Heavy Penalties


If the vehicle is towed by a company and taken to an impoundment lot, then the owner may end up paying a considerable amount of money. Most people are only aware of the payment that is collected as a penalty, but there are other costs involved in the process too. To take the vehicle out, the owner may have to pay for the storage costs, additional towing cost on per mile basis (in some cases), flatbed fee if the car is disabled, boot removal fee, and others. The boot removal fee is charged if the vehicle had to be immobilized before towing. Besides these expenses, there remains a higher chance of the car getting damaged at the tow yard. As no one would want to invite unwanted expenses, people will be more careful while parking vehicles in the right places.


Chances of Vehicle Being Sold Out


A vehicle cannot be kept at the towing yard for a longer duration. If the vehicle owner fails to contact the concerned towing yard, then his vehicle may be sold out. It is one of the grave consequences that no owner would want to encounter. If you have a “no parking” sign installed in your private property, and vehicles are still being parked there, then impound towing, and its consequences are sure to reduce its occurrence. As a property owner, you can also put up a sign mentioning the number of vehicles that were impounded from your location. It will keep unauthorized parking in check, and you can resume your usual activities without any worry.


Vehicle Getting Damaged


Not all impound yards are well-maintained, and they cannot keep all the vehicles in good condition for a longer duration. If a vehicle gets towed and lands in an unmanaged towing yard, then the vehicle has higher chances of receiving some form of damage that can lead to monetary losses. If you have partnered with a towing company that routinely tows illegally parked cars from your space, then it will be a good idea to put up a sign stating the total damage caused to unauthorized vehicle owners. While people may park illegally in your property, even after seeing the “no parking” sign, there is no way they are going to a risk of bearing monetary losses that can arouse from impound towing. It is a good way to keep unwanted vehicle parking at bay.




Many people use impound towing to keep their property safe from unwanted car/motorcycle/other vehicle parking. Though the towing company does their work well, it is advised that you, as a property owner, also put up signs that inform the vehicle owners of the possible damages they may incur because of parking in your property. By doing so, you can expect to see a significant drop in unauthorized parking. Another good option will be to partner with a well-known towing company that is always a call away for your help. A little bit of online research or acquaintance recommendations can serve the purpose. Now that you know how to keep unwanted vehicles out of your parking space, go ahead, and put the information into action.