What is IGNOU? Full Information About Largest Open University of the World.

You must be familiar with Indira Gandhi National Open University which is a central University being run by the Government of India.

IGNOU University was named after Indira Gandhi the former prime minister of India, established in 1985. About 4 million active students at a time with the University make it an extraordinary Institution with the world’s largest University tag.

There is a lot more to know about IGNOU & hence here we will discuss some lesser-known facts & figures about Indira Gandhi National Open University.

What is an Open University?

An Open University provides a high-quality education through ODL Mode (Open & Distance Learning). The primary goal of an Open University is to provide an equal opportunity to everyone who cannot afford regular education for any reason. These Universities reaches to a remote area of the nation and offer quality education to students.

Secondly, Open University aims to offer skill development-

  • to physically challenged students who aren’t able attend classes on a daily basis.
  • to prisoners who are behind the bar but willing to have better future prospects are also given an opportunity to do a course through ODL Mode.
  • To the students who are deprived of higher education due to financial condition. They can do their higher studies or a Supplementary course while working.
  • To a student who could not get admission to a regular university for any other reason, can study with an Open University to improve their skills easily get degrees.

Unique Features at IGNOU

IGNOU is known as People’s University, this is the tagline of the University which you can see with its logo. That is because University is determined & highly committed to improving the education level of poor or deprived students.

Here are some Unique Features at IGNOU-

  • Flexible Course Duration: Being an Open University, you get flexibility to complete the course with some extra time. For the instance- a 3 year’s bachelor degree can be completed in maximum 6 years’ time.
  • Highly Affordable Fee Structure: Compare to any other University, IGNOU is very much affordable in term of the fee structure. Targeting to remote areas with the Motto of Education to all University has designed its fee structure which is about 60-70% lesser of a Regular University fee.
  • Unique Teaching Methods: IGNOU doesn’t follow classroom teaching method, it’s complete syllabus is based on IGNOU Self-Study materials, Counselling Sessions, Face to Face or Tele Conferencing. A Dedicated Channel is also there to offer the online lectures & Video lectures are provided to the students.
  • Large Number of Education Partners: IGNOU has about 67 Regional Centres, 21 Schools & 29 Partner International Institutes. Not even this, IGNOU about more then 2000 Learner Support Centre (Study Centres) available across the country & overseas.
  • Ignou Tutor Marks Assignments: University has two assessment process to evaluate the performance of the students.
    • Number one– Ignou Tutor Marks Assignments: Every student has to submit IGNOU Assignments for each subject before they can be eligible to apply for exam form. You get 30% weightage out of this process.
    • Number Two– Ignou Term End Theory Examination: This is final Term End Exams based on theory. Student get 70% weightage out of this process.
  • 300+ Multi-Disciplinary Courses: Indira Gandhi National University offer range of Courses under, Certificates, Diploma, Bachelors, Masters as well as Post Graduate Certificates & Diplomas programs. There is almost every course, related to different discipline to improve & enhance your current skills. Even Doctoral & Research courses are also offered by IGNOU.

Some University Degree/Diploma/Certificate Courses offered by IGNOU.

As we discussed above IGNOU Offers Multi-Disciplinary courses which help to improve your skills. Let’s discuss few but very Interesting Courses here-

  • Certificate Programs: IGNOU Offers some very rare & value adding certificate courses for you which can certainly Improve your portfolio-
    • Certificate in Anti Human Trafficking
    • Certificate in Arabic Language
    • Certificate in Busines Skills
    • Certificate in Communication & IT Skills
    • Certificate in Consumer Protection
    • Certificate in Translation
    • PG Certificate in Medical Management
    • PG Certificate in Cyber Law
  • Unique Diploma Course in IGNOU:
    • Diploma in BPO Finance & Accounting
    • Diploma in Creative Writing in English
    • Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education
    • Diploma in Dairy Technology
    • Diploma in Elementary Education
  • PG & Advance Diplomas:
    • Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Statistics
    • Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling & Family Therapy
    • Post Graduate Diploma in Disaster Management
    • Post Graduate Diploma in Education Management & Administration
    • Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Markets Practices
    • Post Graduate Diploma in Translation
    • PG Diploma in Journalism & Mass Communication
    • Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental & Occupational Health
    • Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application
    • PG Diploma in Advance Security
    • Post Graduate Diploma in Hotel Operation
    • Post Graduate Diploma in Tourism Management
    • Post Graduate Diploma in Social Work Counselling
  • Bachelors Degree: If we talk about bachelor’s degree, here are some courses which are in highly demand.
    • BA Economic Honours
    • BA Public Administration Honour
    • BA Anthropology Honours
    • BA Sociology Honours
    • BA Political Science Honours
    • BA In Tourism Studies
    • BA in Vocational Studies Tourism Management
    • Bachelor of Social Work
    • BBA in Retailing
  • Master’s Degree Programs:
    • MA in Distance Education
    • MA Gender & Development
    • MA in Psychology
    • MA in Pol Science, Public Admin, Economics, Sociology, History, Hindi, English
    • MA in Translation Studies
    • Master of Social Work
    • Doctor of Philosophy in Geography
    • Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science
    • Doctor of Philosophy in Food & Nutrition
    • Doctor of Philosophy in Agriculture Extension
    • Doctor of Philosophy in Rural Development
    • M.Phil in Distance Education
    • M.Phil in Economics
    • M.Phil in Geography
    • M.Phil in Journalism & Mass Communication

List is endless; however, we have noted above with some of the Unique & value-added courses for you. You can visit the official IGNOU website to have the complete course list & choose the desired one.

Last but not the least, a Degree from Indira Gandhi National Open University is world vide accepted & valid for all kind of Jobs & higher studies.

We wish you Luck for your joining.