What is Gantry crane, uses and different types?

A gantry crane is like an overhead crane that moves with the help of wheels or tracks. It gives more like a bridge or a big door shape because of its two legs. They are mostly used for outdoor applications and give quite support. Therefore, many buildings manufacturing uses gantry cranes for an insignificant reduction in other costs. A lot of industries use such cranes like production, processing, cement, handling train and cars, railways, lifting ships, hydropower stations, and much more. Mostly it is used for construction purposes and it is the most cost-effective solution for builders. The loading and unloading become easy through this crane without compromising the quality and efficiency of work.

What is a gantry crane used for?

Full or semi ones are used for heavy applications like shipping containers, outdoor yards and scrape years, etc. that require heavy lifting. They are famous around the world for industries like cement and concrete. Their designs are perfect for outdoor applications which can reduce labor and other materials making them a perfect solution for construction purposes. There are many designs available for different applications. The best part about the gantry crane is that you can move it around the area to work on different types of equipment. These are portable gantry crane systems that provide a flexible solution to builders and industry owners who can perform multiple jobs for you in the work area.

Types of Gantry cranes:

  • Full gantry crane system:

They are one of the most used and popular cranes that have two legs with a top surface that acts as a floor and stands in the dedicated area. The trucks can easily pass by below the floor making it an easy operation for the work area.

  • Semi gantry crane system:

The semi ones are designed with one led riding on a wheel or rail and the other side of the crane could be connected to buildings or any side of the building structure. It gives tremendous support and also saves you a lot of workspaces.

  • Portable gantry crane system:

By the name itself, you can know that this is the type that you can easily move. They are lighter-duty but can manage a lot of work for you. They can be used to empty, unload, move and store materials from one place to another. They also provide a lot of space in the work area making it easy and flexible for everybody to work.

  • Adjustable gantry crane:

These are also made on personalized requests for specific heights and lengths making them totally adjustable. It is one of the most demanding cranes around the world considered for its perfect design and high-end value making it the best choice for builders. It is also lightweight-duty but the users can easily change the height of the beam making it more flexible for use for everyone.

Gantry cranes are perfect for heavy and lightweight duty and can make construction and many other works easier for people. If you are looking out for the best options always consider the design and what materials were used to make it. You should always get the best and quality designs as they will make your work simpler for you.


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