What is engagement marketing?

Engagement marketing is a strategy that employs interaction with customers as a tool for marketing. It is also known as participation marketing. Engagement marketing focuses on engaging customers rather than selling products.

Engagement marketing encourages customers to be actively involved in the brand experience.  Brands nurture a mutual relationship with their customers through consistent interaction.

They ask for the customers’ opinions, suggestions, reviews, and feedback on a particular product or service. This article will help you create a strong relationship marketing strategy using engagement solutions with Easypromos.

What are the Tools of Engagement Marketing?

Every brand and marketer needs to understand that the most valuable asset is not the products. It is neither the team nor the brand, but the customers. Therefore, the right engagement of your customers can be your best and less expensive marketing strategy. The following are the essential tools needed for engagement marketing.

  • Blog Posts

Blog posts are a simple and effective tool in engagement marketing.  A brand can engage their targeted audience through a blog post. It can be a suggestion for improvement on a product or even a review of such a product.

  • Social Media

Another proven tool for effective engagement marketing is social media. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn can be used to get customers’ feedback. It is said to be the closest way to interact with your customers.

  • Crowdsourcing

Brands can also make use of crowdsourcing platforms to get feedback from their targeted audience. Through their media platforms, crowdsourcing sites can encourage users to submit their views about a brand and its campaign.

  • Emails

Email can also be used for engagement marketing. Brands can come up with creative messages sent as mail to customers to get their feedback. It is a sure way to get their response as it is sent to their inbox.

What are the Benefits of Engagement Marketing?

There are a lot of benefits to adopting engagement marketing as a brand. Few of them are:

  • Brings You Closer to Your Customer

The most effective strategy to make your brand closer to your customers is engagement marketing. It helps you to get their feedback and opinion quickly than any other way.

  • Enhance Customer Trust and Brand Loyalty

Engagement marketing allows your customers to put absolute trust in your brand. They believe that you have made them a part of the brand experience. Engagement marketing portrays your brand as a loyal brand that prioritizes its customers’ opinions.

  • Increase in Sales and Customers Database

Engagement marketing can help to boost the sales margin of a brand. Customers will be more willing to patronize such a loyal brand. Customers will also be eager to refer such brands to people. It will consequently help you to increase your customers’ database.


Engagement marketing is, no doubt, an effective and low-cost marketing strategy for any brand. It is also the easiest way to make your customer your brand ambassador. It is now easy to create a strong relationship marketing strategy using engagement solutions with Easypromos. Start engaging with Easypromos today!