What is Emergency Mobile EV Charging System

Greater use of electric cars is fantastic news for the environment. More and more individuals are calling for installing more charging stations for electric vehicles. More alternatives for both public and private charging stations are now readily accessible. You might be searching for the location of the nearest DC Fast Charger or Level 2 charging station for your BMW, Tesla, or Chevy Volt.

But emergency mobile EV charging station is the new norm for EV mobiles!

What is an emergency mobile EV charging system?

Having your electric vehicle (EV) die on the road is a major hassle. If you run out of gas in a car powered by alternative energy, you won’t be able to go to a local gas station, fill up a gas canister, and return to your vehicle. While driving a conventional car, roadside assistance may also provide a few gallons of petrol to get you back on the road. Unfortunately, unlike gasoline, electrical energy cannot be readily transported or stored. Fortunately, new emergency EV charging services are on the rise, and one of them may make its way to you.

A mobile EV charging station, also known as a portable EV charging station, is a charger for electric vehicles that can be readily relocated from one area to another or from one car to another. Being portable and purpose-built for the on-the-go charging of EVs sets it apart from a fixed EV charger. Various sizes and power configurations of mobile EV chargers exist, including portable level 2 EV charging stations which may give a short charge time for electric vehicles.

Benefits of an emergency mobile charging system:

A transportable EV charging station has several potential applications:

  • The EVMO-S portable EV charging station uses DC fast charging technology and can fully charge the typical EV in around 30 minutes.
  • Time lost when rearranging electric vehicles (EVs) to charge at fixed locations may be reclaimed using a mobile EV charger.
  • A portable DC fast charger may begin charging immediately when plugged into a three-phase power source. There is no need for building permits or construction.


DC rapid charging for any DC-compatible electric car on the market through CCS (Combined Charging System), or CHAdeMO is now available on the go with the emergency mobile EV charging systems. These are lightweight and small EV charging strategies that can be implemented quickly and effectively to satisfy rising demand without installing extra permanent charging equipment.

Fleet operators, car dealers, event planners, and other enterprises may convert any three-phase outlet into a DC fast charging station with the help of portable DC fast chargers. Moving vehicles around to make room for a fixed charger is a time-consuming hassle in areas with a high concentration of EVs, but bringing the charger to the vehicle may save time. Offering hot-swappable charging cables, a wide range of input voltage (305 VAC – 520 VAC, 40 – 65 Hz), and a voltage range of 150 VDC – 1000 VDC, these solutions are very adaptable.