What Is Early Learning Daycare All About?

While daycare or enrolling your child in an early learning facility is by no means essential, there are some major benefits to having your children attend an early education centre for a year or more. This article is going to be highlighting just some of those benefits, so you can make an informed decision about whether early learning daycare is the right choice for you and your child.

The Perfect Solution for Working Parents

Early learning daycare centres offer the ultimate solution for working parents. Not only will your child receive a head start on education and development, but these centres offer a safe place for you to leave your child during the day while you’re at work.

Rather than having to find a babysitter or a relative to look after a young kid on a regular basis, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that trained and professional adults are taking care of them while you earn a living.

However, early learning daycare is far more than just a safe place to leave your kids for the day.

Basic Academic Education Is Covered

It’s vital that young kids get a grounding in academic education, which includes core subject matter such as mathematics, English, science, computing and more.

A quality early education centre will make it a focus to teach preschool-aged children the basics in core subjects, but at the same time making it fun and interactive. When kids get an early start on these core subjects, they’ll enter the school years with more confidence and a firm grasp of what to learn and how to learn.

Look for a centre that offers both the THRASS program and STEM program.

Kids Learn All About Good Nutrition

Education at an early age encompasses far more than getting a grounding in math or English. Kids readily learn about all sorts of different things, so it’s vital that they learn the right way.

Something that’s extremely important is discovering all about good nutrition and why it matters to them. By nature, young children don’t really focus on this. They just want to eat whatever tastes the best. However, if they are educated on why nutrition is so important and get to sample foods that are both high in nutrition content and delicious to eat, they’ll very quickly embrace an important life lesson.

Many early education centres have chefs on-site that prepare meals and snacks, made from the freshest ingredients but crafted in a manner that kids adore.

The School Readiness Program

The school readiness program is really a program designed to prepare children for the school years to come, so they enter the school grounds filled with confidence and armed with the basic knowledge they’ll need to get a head start on the school years.

School readiness programs don’t just focus on basic education, but offer children a broad spectrum of learning and development to get them ready for the next important phase in their lives. Even things like developing independence form an integral part of a school readiness program.

Activities To Develop Growing Bodies

Developing young minds is only one aspect of early learning and education. Young kids have bodies that are developing and growing at a fast rate, so it’s just as important to include daily activities that promote things like fitness, endurance, coordination, balance, flexibility, teamwork, self-confidence and more.

Early education daycare centres will offer physical activity as a part of their curriculum to ensure growing children develop physically in the best way possible.

What Else Do Kids Learn At An Early Education Centre?

Other important things kids learn and develop at early education facilities include things like learning how to communicate, with both other kids and their adult minders. Along with good communication comes developing positive social skills and confidence. The ability to do things autonomously or as part of a team environment is also very important for a child’s overall growth.

Some early learning centres will also offer programs such as music therapy, learning a foreign language, multi-sport programs and so much more.

In Conclusion

One of the best ways parents can give their kids a fantastic start in life during those preschool years is to enrol them in an early education centre.


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