What is Digital PR and Why it’s Important for SEO and Link Building.

Public Relations are one of the most critical aspects of any field, let alone the business and online world. The invention of the internet and the World Wide Web has compacted the world in our hands. It is easy to carry out transactions, talk to people, and conduct business online efficiently.

Digital marketing Public relations go hand in hand; since PR is all about communicating, maintaining good relations with your clients, it is a big help to have technology on our side. Half of the business records and contacts are kept inside cloud computing systems online that quickly help users navigate their client list.

Digital PR is a method used by digital marketers and PR teams to create a name for their company or their website through online means, such as quizzes, youtube videos, articles, blog posts, etc. Today, we will be looking at why digital PR is essential in link building and SEO optimization.

Importance In SEO

Digital PR has changed the way teams carry about their promotions and events; instead of calling and being in the presence of individual companies, it has evolved in the form of video

online marketing structure and will continue to do so in the future as the technology keeps evolving.

Digital PR helps in building your SEO visibility by a lot. SEO is the new way to show up in a browser-related search, and it can be done by optimizing keywords, writing quality content, and using particular website-related tricks. If your website is publishing individual useful articles and there are more and more people reading it, there is a high chance that you will get traffic related to that topic on your website.

Every digital marketing agency has a PR team that can handle press releases and keeps up in maintaining records about public appearances of famous individuals; if we aim these qualities, and use them to publish informative articles, then there will be a way to get traffic for your website without pertaining to advertisement costs.

Cutting costs is of the foremost importance and the pinnacle of digital marketing technology; optimizing SEOs, using social media for promotion, using conference video calls, and using guest posting services can save them valuable time in terms of getting other important tasks done and planning for future endeavours to undertake.

Now, your agency’s articles or the guest posting services create for you can either have backlinks to them or ask for an excellent website to optimize and include backlinks to your articles or your web page. This takes a bit of elbow grease but, you will get it done quickly. IF a social media situation or a particular incident is on the rise, it is imperative to have optimized SEO content to hop on the train and get those clicks when the time is right.

Basically, digital PR is writing good cover stories and articles from your agency or guest posting services that the journalists would want them to publish on their website. This particular bit takes a lot of effort; an article that appeals to you might not always sit right with a journalist or his agency.

43% of users search a store or a website online before purchasing their products, 51% go to the website only if it’s optimized for mobile, 57% traffic directed by SEO is still gained by good content creation. About 72% of articles make it to the top pages because of the relevancy of information. 51% of the content is consumed by the standard Google or Bing search. 92% of traffic goes on the first page displayed on Google.

In this way, SEOs take over most of the marketing tactics and strategies. Digital marketing agencies should prioritize keyword optimization and content creation rather than spend more on advertising campaigns. This leads to free advertising revenue; the more clicks your website gets, the more optimized articles help you bring additional traffic into your domain.

Maintaining a website can be difficult, so make sure to hire an excellent graphic designer and a coding expert to make navigation easy and beautiful at the same time.

Importance In Link Building

Link Building is an essential tool to direct traffic naturally in the age of paid advertising in digital PR. Various agencies have used various agencies to cut costs and direct attention to their website’s quality content.  It offers many options for digital marketing agencies to develop multiple strategies, plan their releases according to market happenings, create quality content, optimize the articles, and find a way to connect with journalists.

Search engines prioritize quality links and content, along with relevancy in their new search algorithm. Maintaining public relations with the journalists is very important, and having a  strict qualitative method approach to your content is essential.

It is also evident that your website’s reputation should precede itself; Google often prioritizes search options based on its reputation and its tendency to provide relevant content. That is why most digital marketing agencies tend to backlink their websites in various journalists’ articles.

Your success also depends on the timely link building of your content. If the links you provide towards your articles are not relevant to provide information today and age, then there is no use because the user might believe it obsolete. Stay updated on various local events, news, national and international events, and prominent trends. This habit will make you confident about knowing what the audience wants and searches for, predicting their searches can be possible in this way.

Focus on promoting your social media and add a link to your website in the bio of your company account. The more people give in to the curiosity; the more traffic gets converged to your website. It is ideal for one to maintain a company social media account in this day and age. Make an Instagram account to target teenagers and young adult audiences, while Facebook appeals to more of the older sides.

Don’t fret if your link building does not get results immediately as; 51% of marketers have claimed that it takes 2 to 3 months to build on their link building efforts. 94% of the content has no backlinks present in them.  41% of SEO optimizers think link building is the most challenging part of their work.

65% of digital marketers measure their quality of links by domain authorities while domain names and page sources measure the rest. 36% of digital marketing agencies hire outsiders to optimize their links. More than 46% of marketers use more than 10,000 dollars for their link building budget. More than 70% of digital marketers believe that buying useful links can positively optimize and impact search results.

As you can see, internal and external link building is a tedious and challenging process. Cost-saving is as significant as optimizing your webpage. There might always be budgetary restrictions, so it is essential to maintain healthy public relations with external parties and journalists. They can help you by giving helpful links back to your website in their articles. Even better, if you have a friend working in such an agency.

One last thing is always to be kind and respectful to your PR team. There are trying their most challenging, and a little encouragement can lead them to perform their best every day and come up with new ideas; team morale stays high, and they can contribute their best.

External link building is the most popular option nowadays; digital marketing, SEO agencies and PPC services companies pay lots of money to freelancers, journalists, and coding experts to link their websites to their articles. This allows them to direct some traffic, but the overflow of interaction only occurs when the content is creative and relevant.

Internal link building occurs when the agency’s website links articles and posts within their website. It keeps the traffic free-flowing while also helping them cut costs of hiring other people to optimize their web page. Guest posting services are frequently asked to incorporate specific keywords in their articles to maintain quality and link the article to other ones on the same website.

These linking methods help maintain the data’s relevancy and be on the search engine results’ radar. Most companies tend to forget the importance of PR when it comes to preserving relevance; that is why having a good PR team should be a top priority in this age of digital marketing.


You should be aware of many specifications in order to be consistent in maintaining your website and continuously keep the traffic activated. The content you produce should be the primary directive; all your attention should be focused on it because you might spend a lot of money on link building and maintaining a partnership with journalist firms.

Still, if the content is not relevant and creative, results will not show. We hope you got to know how to optimize your articles further. Good Luck!

Ellen Hollington

Ellen Hollington is a freelance writer who offers to ghostwrite, copywriting, and blogging services. She works closely with B2C and B2B businesses providing digital marketing content that gains social media attention and increases their search engine visibility.