What is DevOps roadmap? – The experts at Starhouse Tech provide the answer

DevOps refers to several specialized procedures for creating software, with the help of which there is an excellent interaction between the work of engineers involved in software coding and the operations team that prepares the product for release to customers.

At Starhouse Tech specialists optimize the processes of other companies in order to quickly resolve problems that arise between teams. This is due to the fact that in other companies it happens that both divisions work separately in information stores. Programmers write the code and hand it over to the IT operations team that manages the release. But in fact, there are several disadvantages. The main disadvantage is that problems for other areas of the product or the company’s website only after the development is fully completed. Because the DevOps tool is designed to solve these problems.

In this article, experts will talk about how a roadmap for DevOps will help development departments release products of the highest quality and with a high degree of efficiency. In addition, we will talk about the features of creating your first DevOps roadmap and why this process would be beneficial for the company in the absence of DevOps strategies.

The importance of the DevOps roadmap

Creating a DevOps roadmap goes a long way in understanding how short-term efforts align with long-term business goals. It is a program release strategy tool that can be used to successfully implement a product.

Reason № 1. DevOps team gets a more detailed description of the project

The overall strategy for any program will give the whole team a great opportunity to use the plans and realize the goals of the company’s product. This is a necessary guide that interests any department in the company at any stage of creating a program.

The DevOps roadmap is a great method that will give both teams detailed overviews. It’s useful information that provides an opportunity to coordinate the work of both groups in software development. For example, the usefulness of the data lies in when the programming team gets a ready piece of code for testing. 

Reason №2. Consistency of priorities and dependencies between teams

A DevOps implementation roadmap is a good way to establish connections between the offers that are processed by the operations and design teams. This will help both groups achieve optimization of their time and set priorities for tasks. It turns out that each team can see the other group’s tasks that require its attention. 

This is what the DevOps approach to software development is all about. Coordinating the work between the engineering and operations departments of a company will allow to improve the development process and increase the frequency of product release with a small number of problems.

Reason №3. Improving the company’s products

With DevOps, you can close the two work teams together, get them to share necessary information, and enable them to implement updates and add new features. A DevOps roadmap will allow you to achieve the optimal space to fix the teams’ priorities for the near future.

Tips for building the DevOps roadmap by Starhouse Tech

To help you understand how to use a DevOps roadmap, our experts have provided some useful tips below.

Tip №1: A clear definition of your product roadmap goals

The first step in developing a roadmap is to establish a main goal. You need to discuss with your team all the issues regarding how to achieve the goals with this roadmap. You can start from the following theses:

  • ensure optimal coordination between engineers and operators;
  • create a single source of credible information about the company’s DevOps operations;
  • develop a database of DevOps planning and releases that can be used to learn about the effectiveness of processes in perspective.

This will ultimately improve your company’s business process efforts in software product development.

Tip №2: Set clearly defined short-term plans and goals

Almost all companies plan to release their own products within a period of 2 months to six months.  With a DevOps roadmap, you can use the strategy that is implemented in the overall product roadmap.

If the roadmap has a three-month planning period, then that period should be sufficient for engineers and operators to carry out their priority initiatives. But there is not enough time for this tool to become too cluttered.

Tip №3: Using visual tips

Using only text-based content is a major mistake because it doesn’t get the results you need. Visual roadmaps can help you see your product plans and give your strategies more credibility.

Tip №4: Provide a plan for engineers and operators

With DevOps, you can get teams highly engaged and coordinate each other’s initiatives. But to realize this, you need to give teams access to a single source of truthful information, in other words, the DevOps roadmap at all times.

The goal of access is to allow teams to monitor their deadlines and keep track of priority tasks coming from the other team.

Tip №5: Regular updates 

With this type of strategy, you can make a company successful if the roadmap reflects the firm’s relevant trends. You need to always review it to make sure it always has current planning, resources, budgets, or priorities. All changes need to be made on time, otherwise, teams risk wasting resources and time.

In addition, it’s recommended to connect your roadmap with the rest of your applications to optimize business processes. This way, all team members can quickly learn about all updates. When the roadmap is updated, this app automatically sends notifications to team members involved in development.

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