What is COVID-19 Testing and When Should You Test for COVID-19?

Testing for Covid-19 has become an important part of keeping yourself and those around you safe from catching this virus. Covid-19 testing involves using a rapid antigen test to detect the presence of SARS-CoV-2 and the different variants that have come about since the start of the pandemic. A rapid Covid-19 test needs to be taken when an individual displays symptoms or runs the risk of getting a false reading from the test. The rapid antigen test accuracy is highly dependent on the timeframe in which this test is taken so it is important to get this right!

What are the Precautions to Be Considered While Performing the COVID-19 Test?

It is important to follow the user manual and instructions when taking the rapid self-test as this will ensure that you are proceeding correctly. Performing the test is quite simple and you can do it yourself, ensuring that you are not exposing anyone to the germs you may be carrying. Another important aspect to take into consideration when taking a rapid home test is that you will need to understand how to analyses the results. The information regarding the analysis of rapid home test results will also be included in the user manual!

How to Analyse Your Rapid Antigen Test Results?

When it comes to understanding your rapid antigen test results, you will see on the test that there are two strips, one for Covid-19 and the other for influenza strain A or B. The first line that appears on the rapid antigen test will be two control lines, marked as ‘C’. These two lines should always show up on the test, if they do not appear, it may be faulty and given an invalid read. The next possible line is marked ‘T’ of the Covid-19 strip; if this line appears along with the control lines, you have tested positive for Covid-19. If no line appears you have tested negative! The same method can be used to read the influenza portion of the test and if a line appears at either the ‘A’ or ‘B’ indicators, you have tested positive for that strain.

Get Your TouchBio Rapid COVID-19 Antigen Test for Accurate Results!

Our team here at TouchBio has worked to develop accurate tests that can be used by anyone who may need them! These tests are extremely easy to use and come with clear instructions on both how to administer the test and how to read the todays results. Knowing whether you are positive for Covid-19 or influenza is important and can help ensure that if you do test positive for one of these illnesses, you are able to take the correct course of action and quarantine yourself for the recommended amount of time. Having a rapid antigen self-test kit on hand for when you begin to feel sick can make all the difference in protecting both yourself and your loved ones. For the best rapid antigen test on the market, look no further than TouchBio!