What is contact tracing?

There are many ways to benefit from the bulk SMS messaging, and it’s not just due to sending ads. The current epidemiological situation requires unremitting user control. Therefore, contact tracing via SMS is one of the simplest and most effective methods. This allows not to lose regular customers during the pandemic.

Do you have to perform in front of many people? You may be dealing exclusively with suppliers and contractors, or with employees who work remotely. Regardless of the chosen communication method, you can send SMS in bulk, and it will help you stay in touch and, at the same time, keep a safe distance from the people you need to contact.

Tracking contacts via SMS makes it possible to monitor and control locations of various events. It will allow you to find out if an infected person has visited your office, or whether your employees have been in contact with patients with COVID-19.

How does contact tracing work?

For example, a person who fell ill visited your company, and the tests confirmed the coronavirus. In this case, the patient needs to list all places he visited. You will also need to provide a list of persons with whom he was in contact during the time when the virus was already in his body, but has not yet became obvious.

If you set up contact tracing, you will be able to alert people who have communicated with the sick person. After passing the test, they will learn about their state of health. They may need to go into self-isolation mode or undergo some treatment.

The health care system employs a large number of health workers and epidemiologists working to identify who have been in contact with patients. To make this process easier, you can use the business text service for bulk messaging. It will help track users who carry the virus to ensure proper treatment and social distancing.

A great way to stop the spread of coronavirus is to track and identify sick persons. Combined with complementary preventive measures, we’ll be able to achieve maximum progress. Preventive measures include the use of antiseptic solutions and hand washing, wearing a mask in public, as well as social distancing.

Why it’s a cool idea to use mass SMS for contact tracing

Public places, including government and other organizations, collect personal information from customers who visit them. To do this, they use special apps for tablets or record them manually. This is not the best way to collect data, since people may touch surfaces increasing the risk of infection.

Because of this, the best way to control the situation is to use a text message service for business to track social contacts. In this way you will be able to safely collect data about the date and time a certain person visited a particular institution. The client’s personal information will also become known.

You can quickly compile a database of users who contact your organization the most. The bulk SMS service will allow you to quickly distribute information about the virus or potential infection. This will help prevent a new wave of epidemics or the spread of the virus among your customers.

The ease of use of this method of informing people is undeniable. About 98% of sms messages are read within a few minutes after a new notification is displayed on one’s smartphone screen. This means that every client learns important data from your company as soon as you send out mass texts.

Samples of SMS contact management for your business

There’s nothing easier than following the customers who are relevant to your business. All you need to do is choose a suitable automated tracking method, which includes mass SMS sending — a simple and contactless process. Some examples of effective use of mass messaging using bulk SMS senders:

  1. Places of public catering (restaurants, cafes). You can set up pre-booking of tables using SMS messages. Next, it remains to set up the process for managing the contact list, which will allow you to study information about customers and attendance of your venue.
  2. Gyms, dance studios and other sports facilities. Before athletes return to regular training, it’s better use a mass texting tool to send them new access requests and indicate safety precautions when visiting venues. This feature is best suited for gyms that are open 24/7. Their receptionists are not always at the front desk, so a preliminary SMS notification will help to minimize the number of questions from customers.
  3. At the end of quarantine, the mass messaging will allow you to control the flow of customers visiting the office. It is also possible to control employees working with a large groups of people.

Many businessmen have lost the ability to communicate with regular customers in person due to social distancing. Sooner or later, the quarantine will end, and it is irrational to lose employees, partners and visitors because of this. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the appropriate method to restore constant communication with clients, as well as monitor them from time to time. The suitable software can be found at — it will help track users (sick or in contact with other sick persons). This will allow you to take control of the infection rate.


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