What is Considered the Best Cooked Ham?

If you are running out of options and do not know what to make for monthly dinner with friends, you can always try a ham that is easy to prepare and cook.
What is defined as Best Cooked Ham?
Ham is defined as a piece of meat cut from the back legs or the shoulder of a pig. There are different types of ham such as raw, smoked, dry-cured, age, and wet cured. The best technique to cook a ham mostly depends on the type of ham you have got.
Most of the ham you get from stores is a city ham which is wet cured then boiled or smoked until it is fully cooked. There are spiral sliced hams that can serve out of a packet, but most people like to glaze the ham and then eat it. Some of the best-cooked ham in Ireland include
● A juicy baked ham that is served with mustard, brown sugar, and beer
● A honey-glazed ham with a spiral cut and sweet honey butter sauce
● Bourbon glazed ham that includes pineapple, honey, and brown sugar
Apart from the city ham, there is also country ham that is dry-cured and packed in salt. People usually smoke the country ham on the hardwood. Country hams are different because meat tastes different and comes from pigs fed on fruits and nuts. Country hams have a more distinct and intense flavor as compared to city hams.
How to Make a Best Ham
The same can be said about bone and boneless ham. Bone-in ham is richer in flavor as compared to boneless ham. A bone-in ham comes in a spiral cut which shows that the meat is cut in a regular spiral way. The ingredients you need to prepare the best-cooked ham in Ireland are
⮚ Buy already cooked ham that is 3/4 pound bone-in ham and 1/4 boneless ham; it can serve up to 12 to 13 people
⮚ Take city ham that is soaked in sugar and salt cure for a longer duration of time
⮚ Prepare a glaze which can be a fruit juice or any other fluid such as wine, mustard, vinegar, or honey, but it needs to have sugar in it
⮚ Prepare a garlic paste
⮚ Add Dijon mustard, brown sugar, orange marmalade, maple syrup, and fresh oranges to the food processor
⮚ Run the food processor for a couple of minutes until all the ingredients are mixed
⮚ Pour the prepared glaze on the ham
⮚ Bake the ham in the oven for 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 to 15 minutes
Enjoy your holiday festivity with roasted ham that is wonderful, delicious, crispy, and appetizing. You can flavor the ham any way you want but make sure the ingredients you select mix well to make the right glaze poured on the ham.