What is COB LED Technology?

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their low power consumption, high brightness, and long lifespan. As LED technology continues to advance, COB LED has emerged as a major breakthrough in the LED industry. COB stands for “Chip On Board,” a method of assembly that involves directly mounting an array of diodes on a single substrate or printed circuit board. This design requires only one circuit and two contacts, regardless of the number of diodes used.

COB LED is categorized into three types: front-mounted chip, flip chip, and semi-flip chip. By breaking through the limitation of chip arrays to achieve pixel pitches below PH0.Xmm, COB technology has become one of the most cutting-edge LED technologies in the industry, paving the way for Micro LED displays in the future.

Compared to traditional SMD (Surface-Mounted Device) LEDs, COB LED offers several advantages. Firstly, COB generates less heat in high current due to its low thermal resistance, resulting in lower displays temperature, lower LED failure rates, and overall reliability. The divergent light beams directly from flip-chip-on-board LEDs provide high-intensity luminance and a larger light-emitting area, delivering high brightness and a wide viewing angle.

Additionally, ultra-fine chip sizes bring 99% black occupancy on the PCB board, covering the LED panel with impressive contrast and uniformity. The anti-collision resin surface of COB LEDs provides excellent protection against moisture, dust, static, oxidation, and blue light, ensuring a long lifespan for the LEDs. Finally, the more efficient and simpler assembly of COB packaging lessens labor and manufacturing costs, making it a more cost-effective option.

In conclusion, COB LED technology has proven to be a major breakthrough in the LED Video Wall industry, offering many advantages over traditional SMD LED. Its ability to achieve pixel pitches below PH0.Xmm and pave the way for Micro LED displays makes it one of the most cutting-edge LED technologies available. With its low thermal resistance, high brightness, and excellent protection, COB LED technology is shaping the future of LED displays.

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