What is Clickfunnels, and is it Really Helpful?

Clickfunnels is a marketing tool that started in 2014. The essence of Clickfunnels is helping companies and entrepreneurs sell more accessibly online through a sales funnel. The Clickfunnels system is owned by Russell Brunson. As young as he is, he is already a multi-millionaire and a serial entrepreneur. He began his first venture while he was in college. After graduating, he worked from the basement of their home in Idaho and managed to make over $1 million by selling various products and services.


 Brunson wrote books, delivers lectures, and gives interviews to promote his highly-effective Clickfunnels system.  The whole internet is just amazed at how much they’re earning. Fortunately, Brunson has made the system available to the public, so anyone can receive a slice of the income.


How Clickfunnels Work


Clickfunnel, as a marketing tool, turns people into customers through a market funnel. These people do not know you, but they are potentially part of your target market. In the e-commerce industry, sales funnels are a sequence of processes created to guide webpage visitors to check your webpage.


It is not very different from having a brick and mortar store. Your customers walk in the store but do know precisely where the checkout counter is. In a physical store, you would have notes or markers with “Cashier This Way” or “Checkout This Way” to guide customers to the place where they must complete their purchase. In the online world, the funnels lay out a step-by-step guide to bringing more traffic to your page until the website visits convert into sales. 


It sounds cool, right? Clickfunnels are crucial in the online marketing business. 


How Does Clickfunnels Help?


Clickfunnels is effective in doing its job. It is designed to save internet marketers’ energy and time. Instead of figuring out possible marketing solutions for your business success, Clickfunnels has mapped out a system for you. 


It helps you make money.

The best thing about this tool is that it focuses on creating money for its customers. They have simplified the process of making an account as well as collecting payment from sales and commissions. It is also easy to learn. You just need a few hours to set up, and you’re good to go.


It has excellent choices for integration.

Clickfunnels can handle your API integration efficiently. The payment processors and email autoresponders are easy to install and replicate. You can start sending emails in just a few minutes.


It is an all-in-one tool.

You can create landing pages, order forms, and trigger emails all in one platform. This feature can save you a lot of time, resources, and money. Plus, the free templates and quick trips really make a newbie feel right at home.


It offers reasonable value.

The lower-tiered account is an excellent investment. The startup plan can already provide 20,000 visits and 100 pages. Clickfunnels also does the work for you with really positive results.


How Much Does it Cost?


Clickfunnels offers two pricing options. They have the Standard and the Platinum plans. The Standard Plan starts at $97 monthly, while the Platinum Plan will cost you $297 a month. However, Clickfunnels also offers a 14-day free trial, so you can try out their services before deciding to go all the way with your chosen plan. 


This way, you don’t need to commit right away. Although hardly anyone who has signed up for the trial period did not end up buying the program. It really is worth it. 


So what’s the verdict? Clickfunnels is a reliable marketing software that helps make you money.


Overall, it succeeded in its goal—to be a useful tool and make it easier for marketers to funnel traffic and achieve higher conversion rates. It can help not only experienced entrepreneurs but the less internet-exposed businesses too. 


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