What Is Clairvoyance?

We must consider that each human being has this gift of clairvoyance to different degrees. The ability to see beyond reality can be described as a faculty. Clairvoyance allows both spirituality and consciousness to develop. Though many say clairvoyance is an innate gift received at birth, others say it must be worked on, developed, and understood.

It takes daily work to get the most out of this gift. It is also necessary to rely on the infallible will of the individual to develop his potential for clairvoyance. This is, at the same time, a path along which he creates himself.

Clairvoyance: A Conscious Or Unconscious Gift

Many people who will be called “clairvoyants” will tell you themselves that this gift often manifests itself without us really realizing it. Indeed, prophecy is sometimes activated consciously but also sometimes unconsciously.

Clairvoyants have chosen a spiritual journey that has led them to deepen this path of prophecy. This gift develops voluntarily through the conscious activation of our personal potential.

Clairvoyance: A Rare Gift

Clairvoyance is a rare gift to which few people have access. The clairvoyant will then be able to know information relating to the invisible world and even to perceive the future. The clairvoyant, who in some cases can also be called a medium, will be able to perceive elements of the past and feel emotionally and physically particular energies.

The Expression Of Clairvoyance?

Clairvoyance is clearly a form of intuition that can be considered profound.

You feel things and have a solid personal intuition about things, events, facts or even people you meet. It’s the ability to feel things before they happen and a strong conviction. Your intuitions are also comforting and reassuring when they occur most of the time. Clairvoyance also understands that there are many ways to meet oneself, improve oneself and, above all, delve deeper into self-knowledge.

Clairvoyance Is Also What Makes It Possible To Reach Higher States

However, it must be understood that it is a challenging life and requires a lot of work. Clairvoyance requires individuals to truly put themselves at the service of others with a genuine desire for love and a desire to help others grow. It is also about developing a spiritual awareness while choosing this path, which is not apparent and involves a vital responsibility. It should also be noted that this path allowing access to clairvoyance requires a specific requirement.

How Do You Know If You Are Clairvoyant?

People with this gift share many traits. Indeed, clairvoyance is characterized by high intuition, feelings of “deja vu,” and encounters you are convinced you have already made. These are qualities that all mediums possess. If you have repeated premonitory dreams, there is a high chance that you have a gift of clairvoyance or even a medium.

A clairvoyant medium will be a person who is very sensitive to different energies and vibrational energy but also to his feelings and emotions about particular objects and places.

Clairvoyance is, therefore, a kind of instinct that one develops permanently.

  • Have you ever believed that someone was about to ring your doorbell, and it actually happened?
  • Do you ever feel uneasy when you think of a particular person and realize some time later that something serious has happened to them? This could be an accident, trauma or illness?
  • Perhaps you had thoughts that allowed you to answer a person’s question before they even spoke?

All of these signs and many more testify to the capacity for clairvoyance.

Test Your Gifts Of Clairvoyance

Humans are as different as they are unique, and we are not equal regarding clairvoyance. For some, this gift comes naturally and requires no effort at all. In contrast, it will take much practice and training to see minimal results for others. Just like any other gift we may have, we must develop, use and refine them. This is because, like any precious gift, if you use it, it will bring you results. A hundredfold.

This may be your situation. You should feel relieved to be able to use your gift of clairvoyance and any other facility that expresses itself freely.

Carry Out Actual Tests Of Your Clairvoyance

You have the option of taking a situation that clearly does not depend on you:

  • Just ask yourself if a close relative will call you during the day. It can be your father, mother, sister, brother or even a close friend. However, make a specific choice about the person who will call you. Once you have asked yourself the question internally, instinctively listen to the answer that will be given to you. Give yourself a time slot during the day and see if you receive this call.
  • A second test can, for example, be to mentally imagine what the person you have on the phone looks like. Imagine a maximum of details like her hairstyle, clothes, make-up if she is a woman, her shoes, etc. When you meet her in real life, compare your mental results with reality.

Manifestations Of Clairvoyance

The manifestations of clairvoyance are multiple. Clairvoyance is expressed in different ways depending on the person:

  • It can be a deep intuition
  • Repeated premonitory dreams
  • A highly accurate visual representation of past moments or future moments
  • Deja vus
  • Increased sensitivity to energies related to specific objects or places
  • Hearing voices or things that others do not perceive at all
  • The ability to anticipate a person’s thoughts even before they speak
  • Innate knowledge, some of which is on subjects you apparently knew nothing about beforehand.

Clairvoyance And Science

There have been many works done on clairvoyance since the origins of Buddhism. In recent years, more or less convincing experiments have been carried out by parapsychologists on the notion of clairvoyance. Yet, at present, science is incapable of confirming or even affirming the existence of clairvoyance. Clairvoyance. These works demonstrate, however, that people can perceive things that are inaccessible to others. But there is, to date, no valid scientific data to understand this phenomenon and why some individuals have this gift while others do not.

How To Develop Clairvoyance?

You will quickly understand that not everyone can become clairvoyant because this gift is a privilege of specific individuals. However, some methods and exercises allow you to develop your clairvoyance. It is, however, essential to choose a path that begins by separating yourself from all the things that prevent you from reaching a high spiritual consciousness.

It will therefore be a question of detaching yourself as much from your physical body as your mental rationality. You can draw this conclusion from your emotions and the influences of those around you.

Achieve A High Degree Of Purification

To purify oneself to reach a level of clairvoyance requires giving up many things.

However, to purify oneself at this level is to access a higher level of spirituality.

To develop clairvoyance, you must regularly practice meditation and allow silence to take place in you to gradually open up to the outside world. You must exert extreme concentration to develop your calm, reflective, and poised nature.

For example, it will be tough for nervous people to reach sufficient inner peace to develop their clairvoyance. Developing your clairvoyance means expanding your self-knowledge while freeing your senses to open your chakras to perceive new things. Once you reach this first level, you will feel vibrational energy. All the difficulty will then be understanding the signs you will receive and identifying them as perceptions resulting from your gift of clairvoyance.


Meditation can allow you to easily and quickly develop your clairvoyance by developing your listening skills and allowing you to clear your mind.

The Understanding Of Dreams

It is a method widely used by clairvoyants to dissect the signs, symbols, situations and contexts of their own dreams or those of others. It is a question of identifying in these the predictions that they contain.

It is wise to keep a notebook in which you write down your most significant dreams. Take the time to analyze them properly as soon as you wake up.

Develop Your Intuition

It is undoubtedly the most effective way to develop your clairvoyance. We can all develop our intuition, also called our “sixth sense.” To do this, relaxation exercises, meditations or yoga classes will allow you to increase your sensory abilities.

Practice Yoga

It is, for many people, a simple practice, yet yoga can be likened to a real sport when done correctly. I can assure you that a perfectly done yoga session will not only completely empty your mind but also drain your physical energy.

By performing this discipline, you will harmonize your chakras and increase your clairvoyance abilities. Of course, you have the option of doing it yourself at home. However, I recommend the support of a recognized yoga master who will allow you to obtain results more quickly.

Develop Your Introspection

Introspection is listening to your thoughts, feelings and emotions. To increase your self-knowledge, you can empty the three dimensions of your being – your mind, body, and emotions.

You will evolve more quickly by getting help or supervision from someone endowed with the gift of proven clairvoyance.