What Is Causing My Depression | Top 8 Major Causes of Depression

If you are developing depression, then you must find out why it is happening to you. I mean, you have to find out the cause of depression. If you don’t know anything about the causes, then you must read this article to know the major causes that are responsible for depression. After that, you can treat yourself by taking an MAO inhibitor prescription or consulting with a well-known doctor for treatment. 

Major Causes of Depression

These are the major causes of depression:

Some Medications

Drugs are supposed to heal illnesses. But, there are some drugs and medications exists that can put you into depression. It is not a good thing at all to taking those medications. Now, medications like corticosteroids, interferon, etc. You must not use these drugs or other ones that can increase the risk of depression and other mental illnesses.


Do you know age is quite also responsible for depression? Many studies suggest that elderly people are at higher risk of developing depression. That is because they are vulnerable to other diseases that can also lead them to depression. At the same time, elderly people often feel lonely that makes them depressed too.


One of the major causes of depression would be abuse. It could be sexual, physical, or even emotional abuse. But, one thing is sure that is if you are being abused, then you will surely suffer a lot and develop depression. So, you need to make sure that you are not being abused in any way.


The most common and major cause of depression is stress. That’s right! Stress can put your depression pretty easily. Now, you can feel stress from anything like thinking about bad times or your future. At the same time, you can also be worried about your life or other things that can give you stress and lead you to depression.

Loss of Dear Ones

Sadness is a great cause of depression. Now, if you lost a dear one of yours, it could lead you to depression that is because you will feel tremendous sadness and won’t be able to overcome it easily. It doesn’t matter how you lost someone. The only thing that matters is your extreme sadness and grief will be the reason for your depression.


Personal conflicts or other conflicts can also put you in depression. Suppose you are having a dispute with your family members or with others, then there is a greater chance that the stress of that conflict will lead you to depression. 


Research showed that women are twice vulnerable to depression as men. The reason is the hormonal changes that happen to women differently than men. At the same time, after pregnancy and childbirth, most women develop depression. So, it’s a fact that women are at higher risk than men to have depression.


Some genes are also responsible for depression. Now, suppose your family had a depression history. Now, that gene may be in you now since you and that per5son share the same genes. So, it is highly possible that you will develop depression in some part of your life too. And, some other factors could trigger that gene, and you might get depressed.

Other Illnesses

There are other illnesses that could also be responsible for your depression. I mean, suppose you have a serious illness that makes you worry and tense a lot. Now, stress and illness might be the cause that you are developing depression.


These are the major causes of depression that you must consider and take safety measures according to these causes.