What is Business SMS? How it can help in the growth of Your Business?

Have you ever wondered how SMS messaging can help your business grow? SMS messages are a great way to keep in touch with your customers, and they’re not just text messages! Business SMS allows you to send data and other information to mobile devices via short message service (SMS). This means that you can use your existing email account to manage incoming notifications as well as distribute data.

Businesses are increasingly using bulk SMS because it’s both effective and affordable. In this article, we are going to discuss about business SMS, how do they work, and how your business can benefit from them. So, keep reading and you will get a lot of information about Business SMS. 

What is Business SMS?

Business SMS is a communication platform for businesses, allowing them to send and receive text messages (SMS) to their customers, vendors and prospects. A business SMS is a message sent to one or more recipients by a service provider. They are often promotional in nature, but businesses can also use them for informational purposes. 

Text messages are an increasingly popular form of communication between businesses and their customers. However, only the most sophisticated brands use them to communicate with clients and prospects. These texts are sent as part of a wider campaign designed to communicate with a defined audience and can come in the form of an email blast or an SMS text message.

Why Use Business SMS?

Your business operations will become more efficient if you use text messaging. The features such as prebuilt responses and chatbots have made data collection and sharing easier. By communicating with customers and prospects via SMS, businesses can increase brand awareness and create a positive association with their brand.

There are many reasons businesses should consider using SMS as part of their communication strategy. 

Some of the benefits include:

  1. Increase ROI: Business SMS has been shown to have a higher ROI than other forms of marketing communication. SMS makes it convenient and quick for businesses and customers to send and receive messages. As a matter of fact, business SMS not only suits modern lifestyles but also offers you an opportunity to expand your marketing reach and boost ROI quickly and efficiently.
  2. Increased Engagement: Text messages have a much higher open rate than emails, meaning your message will be seen more often. Brands today use SMS strategy to communicate with their customers regularly; they engage in lively interactions across multiple platforms and channels. Obviously, the objective is to gain the attention of a large audience and manipulate its behaviour. 
  3. Increased Response Rates: A response rate is a measure of how many people take action after they have been contacted. SMS messages have a response rate of up to 90% while emails have only 20%. Therefore, businesses can receive feedback in real-time from their customers. People take at least 90 minutes to respond to an email even if they take the time to go through their cluttered inboxes. On the other hand, people usually answer text messages in just 90 seconds!
  4. Increased Conversion Rates: It’s no wonder SMS is a top choice for businesses looking to increase their conversion rate. SMS messages have been shown to convert at a rate of up to 8% and are read within three minutes of receipt. It is hard to ignore SMS marketing when you consider its high open rates, response rates eight times higher than emails, and click-through rate of 30%.
  5. Increased Loyalty: The goal of every organization is to increase customer loyalty and repeat business. According to the latest research, businesses need to use SMS to communicate with customers regarding appointment reminders, payments reminders and coupons to create customer loyalty and increase brand awareness. Customers who receive SMS communications from businesses are more likely to be loyal and return for future purchases.
  6. Increased Brand Awareness: One of every organization’s main objectives is to build brand awareness. When launching new products and services, having a unique brand awareness plays an essential role. It encourages repeat purchases, resulting in an exponential growth in profits. Getting consumers to know about your products and services is possible through brand awareness. By communicating with customers and prospects via SMS, businesses can increase brand awareness and create a positive association with their brand.

How to Get Started with Business SMS?

Businesses that want to start using SMS as part of their communication strategy need to first create a database of mobile phone numbers. You can do this manually, by asking customers and prospects to provide their numbers. Otherwise, you can use a tool like Wavetel Business SMS API that will automatically collect numbers from social media profiles and other online channels. Once you have a list of numbers, you can start sending SMS messages.

The easiest way to do this is by using a tool like Wavetel Business SMS API, which allows you to create and send messages quickly and easily. When creating your messages, make sure to keep them short and to the point. You want to make sure that your customers and prospects can quickly read and understand your message. Also, be sure to include a call to action, so that your recipients know what you want them to do.

Why Should You Consider Wavetel Business SMS?

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Through Wavetel Mobile Cloud Service, businesses, companies, institutions, marketers, etc., can reach existing and potential customers regardless of their business sphere. Wavetel Mobile Cloud Service supports both A2P and P2P messaging worldwide.

We at Wavetel have a straightforward pricing model for all our outbound SMS messaging. We will not charge you for an initial set-up charge. Let us help you get started today and we’ll set you up with some credit to get you started. Get in touch with our expert team for more information about business SMS and bulk SMS.