What Is Binary Trading? Trading Options

Overview of binary trading:

Binary trading is a financial product in which investors gain or lose their investment based on their orders’ execution. It works like a prediction, either true or false. The payout of this investment directly depends on your prediction. It’s a popular choice for low skilled investors. If investors make the prediction correct, they will recoup their amount along with the bonus. In case if they are wrong, the investors will lose their entire money. However, this investment is not relatable to gambling. Because a third party is involved in the payments, as well as brokers, receive no commission from the investors. 

Many debates have been conducted on is IQ option legal in India. Well, many Indian stock companies claim that Indians are prohibited from the binary trading options like blue stocks. Whereas, many investors use three different kinds of IQ options in India-

  • Demo account, which is free, investors can practice binary trading here. 
  • A standard account that requires the lowest minimum deposit to invest in binary trading options. 
  • VIP account that offers personal seamless investing experience to the investors. 

How to trade in Binary Options?

The following are the binary options that you can invest effortlessly

Trading in binary options is very simple. Below we have mentioned some of the most common trading options. 

UP/Down: It’s a basic binary option that allows investors to speculate the price, whether it will go up or down in the future.

In/Out: In this binary option, the traders have to storm their brain to decide whether the price will finish or goes outside. 

Touch/No touch: These have set levels. And investors have to decide whether the price will touch that level or not. If IQ option is legal in India, many inventors will make tremendous money in this option. 

Ladder: These have preset price levels that progressively go up and down. It’s one of the most complex investment options, but if you go correct in this you will earn an impressive bonus. If IQ option is legal in India then consider this option if you want to make passive income.

In India if you do binary trading, you are at your own risk:

SEBI doesn’t allow investors to invest in the binary options in India. If investors do so, they are at their own risk. However, it’s a golden opportunity for the investors to earn money, but it is not regulated in India. There are many binary brokers on the internet which accept the clients’ request from any country. If you want to invest in this excellent investment opportunity, you can sign up with a reliable and trustworthy iq option platform. 

Advantages of Choosing Binary Trading Options:

  • Binary trading is a fast and excellent opportunity to earn passive income from your home’s comfort. It’s a simple investment asset that allows investors to speculate whether the price will go up or down in the future. 
  • If you are new to the investment world and your prediction power is good, then a binary option is an ideal financial instrument for you. 
  • IQ option legal in India. You can invest in this instrument with the help of offshore reliable and trustworthy investment firms. 
  • If you are a completely new investor, then you can open a demo account and start practicing. 


We hope this comprehensive guide on the binary options trading helps you a lot. If you are still thinking is IQ option legal in India, then you can consult with the investment attorney, he will guide you in a better way and offers you the list of reliable and trustworthy offshore brokers.