What Is an SMS API Gateway and How Does It Work?

While hunting for the best bulk SMS provider in the market, you have no doubt come across the term SMS gateway. But what does it mean and how does it work?

An SMS gateway, in a nutshell, makes it possible for a wide range of devices to communicate with each other. If, for instance, you are using a desktop to text someone’s smartphone, the message, most of the time, will leave your computer in a format that is not compatible with the device. However, it is translated by SMS gateways to allow the mobile device to give you a comprehensible message.

SMS gateways can also work in reverse order. That is, allows smartphone users to send messages to computers and other devices.

Luckily, in today’s world, one doesn’t need to fret about having a device with an SMS hardware gateway to send messages. They can use cloud-based systems that do all the job for them.

Why SMS Gateways Work

SMS gateway utilize an API (application programming interface) that simply allows two systems to share information. An API is an intermediary between various applications, databases, or networks learn more here .

If, for instance, you used a smartphone to search for certain information, the app uses multiple APIs to communicate with databases and aggregate different information from a plethora of sources to give you the perfect match.

It doesn’t matter if the databases are in different languages, the API creates a connection and translates the data processed by the different systems.

How Does an SMS API Work?

SMS APIs permit telecom carriers to connect to the internet. Luckily, the API technology negates the need for telecom carriers to have a platform for interpreting data formats between devices. Messages go directly to the SMS API, which automatically translates them into the appropriate format.

SMS APIs don’t need an internet connection for messages to be received. This is why even phones that don’t support an internet connection can still receive texts.

Best Practices for Using Bulk SMS API Gateways

To get the most out of your SMS gateway, you need to get a few things straight:

  • Always ensure that customers or consumers opt in to the service before you begin sending them messages. Similarly, the texts must include a message that gives the customer a chance to opt out.
  • Always choose an SMS gateway with a good reach. Look for an SMS gateway that can connect with as many telecom carriers as possible. For bulk SMS providers, it is always important to have an SMS gateway that can connect with at least 1,000global networks.
  • Choose an SMS API gateway that gives you options to utilize a wide variety of data, faster communication with less bandwidth, and superior performance with support for data caching when necessary. It is also importance to prioritize one that offers opportunities to connect through more communication apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, and more.

Every SMS API you choose affects who you can send messages to, and how quickly the messages move. Celcom Africa’s bulk SMS API gives you the advantage you need with a secure, cloud-hosted, and convenient platform that guarantees intelligent routing with utmost security!

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