What is an implant?

In our clinic that uses the latest technology, we offer you the dental implant technique that is recommended in cases of tooth loss. In the application of this treatment technique, an implant screw which acts as a tooth root is inserted into the jawbone where the tooth loss occurred. A dental prosthesis, that will adapt both optically and functionally to your teeth, is placed on the top of the implant screw. This successful form of dental implant treatment provides you with an excellent tooth appearance without damaging the neighboring teeth and offers a dental comfort that you will not regret.

Who can have a dental implant treatment?

The professional and experienced doctors in our clinic apply dental implant treatment to every patient who has completed the age of 18 and whose jaw structure examination before the treatment has been resulted positive. Patients who request dental implant treatment are asked if diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure exist. In addition, the health status of the jawbone is checked with the help of an X-raying. After finishing all examinations, a positive or negative result comes out. Our doctors offer the most appropriate treatment method in order to give the patient the healthy smile that he/she has always wanted to have.

How is dental implant treatment done? / How is dental implant treatment done in Turkey?

At the end of the positive health and jawbone examination, a draft of the dental prosthesis is created by taking the measures of the patient’s jaw bones and neighboring teeth. In dental implant treatment, the area where the patient’s dental prosthesis will be placed is anesthetized and the treatment begins with the placement of the dental implant screw in the tooth bone. When choosing the single-stage application method, the dental screw that acts as the root of the tooth is inserted into the jawbone of our patients and a temporary dental veneers is attached on top of it. Patients who prefer two-staged dental implant treatment, get the top of the dental screw covered with gums and the treated area is left to recover. After the recovery, the prosthetic heads are placed on the dental screw, providing an excellent appearance.

Dental Implant Costs in Turkey

The answer to the question ‘How much are the implant prices in Turkey?’ depends on many factors. Dental Implant prices in Turkey may vary according to various aspects. Dentists consider the brand of dental prosthesis, the jaw and dental structure of the patient and the number of dental implants when determining implant prices. On the other hand, the number of units of the dental implant treatment to be performed, the region where it will be performed and the experience of the dentists also play a major role in setting the price of a dental implant treatment. After carrying out the necessary examinations and by taking all the factors into account , our experienced and professional dentists offer their patients the best and most appropriate dental implant price.

How long is dental implant treatment?

The dental implant treatment period may vary from a patient to another. Many factors such as the patient’s health condition, the success of the dental implant procedure and the treatment plan greatly affect the period of time of the dental implant treatment. The recovery time depends also on the dental implant treatment method, the number of units of the dental implant and the patient’s response to the treatment. The recovery time after a dental implant treatment is three months if the dental implant is made in the lower jaw and six months if applied to the upper jaw. Depending on the patient profile and the form of the dental implant treatment, the treatment time can vary between 3 and 9 months. The successful progression of the treatment also depends on the patient’s compliance with the recommendations made by the dentist. All On Four Implant Technique (Quad Implant System)

What is the All on Four Implant Technique?

The quad implant system, also known as All on Four Implant technique, is a highly advanced dental prosthesis method recommended by our professional dentists for patients with multiple tooth loss. Instead of replacing the tooth lost with a single prosthetic tooth, four dental implant screws are inserted into the lower and upper jaw, that act as tooth roots. Prosthetic teeth are fixed on these four dental implant screws in order to provide the patient’s smile of his will. Thanks to this dental treatment method, the patient both has the desired tooth appearance and a healthy tooth structure. Prosthetic teeth placed with All on Four Implant technique give a real tooth sensation and allow the patient to return to his daily life easily.