What is an electrical safety check?

It’s easy to understand why you need an electrician when there’s an emergency. An electrical emergency could be potentially dangerous for you, and it might be affecting the activities you need to do during the day. Part of the things you should be considering, outside of emergency electrical services, are the services that an electrician on the Gold Coast can provide towards maintenance. You should be calling one in every now and then to do some checks that ensure that everything is working as it should. Properties need various checks to ensure the quality of all the aspects on the premises. It’s not just part of Australian legislation, it should be part of your yearly obligations to protect your property and the people on it. You are probably very aware of safety regulations and checks at work or on your commercial property, but you need to extend the same concern to your residential property too. Don’t take it for granted and put in the necessary caution to invest in the proper electrical service and inspections. Government and local council laws have changed and been updated over the years to support home safety inspections because they prevent a host of issues that could arise. Don’t skip out on hiring a competent electrician and put people in harm’s way. Read more below to find out why Powertrip Electrical has a specialization in safety checks for residents here on the Gold Coast.

Unfortunately, all electrical installations on your property are susceptible to deterioration over time and some will degrade faster than others. This is especially the case for electrical equipment that you use more often. This means that they require routine inspection and testing at regular intervals to make sure that they’re operating at a satisfactory condition for continued use. Routine safety checks are also a great way to spot developing problems before they become something that is potentially dangerous. An electrical safety check, or inspection, is basically an investigation and testing that needs to be performed by a licensed electrician. They will assess the condition of the cabling and other electrical equipment on your business property or at your household by doing a number of tests and checking the list as they go. An experienced electrician will have a keen eye that is quick to identify electrical safety concerns and to ensure that they are compliant with national Wiring Rules, electrical safety installations, regulations, and relevant legislation.

Why do I need an electrical safety inspection?

According to rental providers’ requirements, an electrical safety check of all electrical installations and fittings in the premises is required every two years by a licensed electrician. It’s important that they do this but also that they keep track of the check with a written statement. The regulator also strongly advises that residential and commercial do the same for similar safety benefits. There are alarming statistics about the number of house fires across Australia and many of them are linked to electrical faults. That’s why legislation and compliance laws are so strict because the local government is serious about your safety.

There are several hazards linked with electrical problems as we’ve previously mentioned. The potential repercussions have included significant harm to many service providers as well as irreparable property damage. That should be more than enough to persuade you of the significance of hiring a fault-finding electrician. There are a few things you can do as a customer to help with fault-finding activities and avoid issues from escalating to injury or damage in the future.

What happens during an electrical safety check?

The basis of an electrical safety check is to ensure that electrical circuits and equipment are not overloaded. They’ll do checks and tests to try and detect defects or potential electrical troubles and they can immediately rectify the issue. This means they immediately avoid electrical hazards and the possibility of expensive replacements or installations in future.

Older houses are more susceptible to dangerous electrical hazards and the situation can only be made worse by the lack of appropriate safety checks for a while. The cause of electrical faults in older homes is usually linked to faulty earthing that has developed over years. Newer homes are also not completely free of the same issues. It’s possible that the electrical system is being overloaded by too many fancy appliances which require specific electrical supply. You can make sure that you are provided with a thorough safety check if you use a properly licensed electrician on the Gold Coast.

The electrician will do a visual audit first to see if anything is immediately visible. They will then run detailed tests with the power temporarily turned off. They will then turn the power back on and do more tests with the electrical supply in its original condition. The electrician will then consult with you about the results of the test and discuss the need of any work or repairs required. A detailed report will be compiled and put onto paper with evidence of the assessment and a rating of the overall condition. You can keep this if you’re ever required to produce it and it’ll serve as a handy reminder of when it’s time to do another electrical safety check.

When should I do an electrical safety check?

  • If your home or commercial property is more than 25 years old
  • If you don’t recall already having a professional perform one before
  • If you suspect that the wiring is old in your house or business premises
  • If any equipment or appliances have problems, and if they are older than 5 years
  • Before selling a property or moving into one

Depending on the electrical systems in your house or company, our experts will go over all areas thoroughly to guarantee there are no dangers or concerns. If difficulties are discovered, each issue will be documented and a feasible fix option will be suggested.

Get in touch with one of the safety check specialists at Powertrip Electrical and we’ll take care of everything. We’re highly trained to uncover any issues that are seen and even those unseen and we can repair them before more damage is done.