What is an Antibody Test for COVID-19?

The covid0-19 virus has spread across the globe on a massive scale, infecting millions and killing thousands per day. Also known as the Past Infection Test, it reports whether there are immune cells in your body regarding this specific disease.

What is an Antibody Test?

Serology tests are responsible to find out whether the patient had the respective disease or not. In the case of the presence of antibodies, doctors can figure out that the patient’s body has developed a special protein that provides immunity against the disease. Antibodies are produced after the patient has been infected or vaccinated. There are private antibody test covid 19 available in areas, which keep up with SOPs and restrictions in serious cases with Covid-19 safety apparel.

The Rate of Production of Antibodies

The rate of production can vary from a few factors, which can include age and severity of the disease. It takes about days to even weeks for antibodies to form against the disease. In case of ongoing medication or the overall nutritional report of the body, the antibody can take delay or immediate response accordingly. This is the body’s defense system working to develop immunity against viruses. There are antibodies for every disease that has passed in the body. With the help of which, the disease is most unlikely to attack the body again.

In the case of Covid-19, the majority of patients develop antibodies after a week of continuous symptoms. The symptoms depict that the body is infected and the antibodies are forming.

Where to Get this Test?

You can take an antibody test from a hospital, emergency clinics, health departments, hospitals, and healthcare providers, local or state laboratories. They will provide you with a detailed report of antibodies forming or have formed over time in your quarantine period. 

The Possibility of the Test Becoming Positive

A positive antibody test will prove that there are antibodies present in the patient’s body. As long as research goes, doctors are not sure for how long the antibodies can keep up with protection. You can test twice to make sure your results are accurate.

Negative Antibody Test Possibilities

It takes 1 to 2 weeks for the body to develop antibodies and 3 weeks maximum. This is why the test will come negative depending upon the rate of antibody development. However, the infection is present and the patient can spread the virus. In case, the patient’s body receives a negative test result, this can mean either the patient has Covid-19 present in the body at the time of test or it is still infecting the body. In both cases, the patient is at high risk.

However, some bodies take a longer period to develop immunity, until then the body fully derails and develops poor immunity. In older patients, the immunity is below average and they cannot keep up with the antibody enhancement. Some people can never develop antibodies as well; hence, the death rate is common now as well.

There are vaccinations for Covid-19 nowadays, and many are vaccinated per day including children, teens, and adults. We need to still keep a safe distance from people around us.

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