What is a Web Hosting [Explained]

What is web hosting? Amazing quite complex and even scary. If you are planning to pick low-cost competitors to resellerclub super-flexible hosting services then they offer a fast server at an affordable cost. This is the best place to get started. But don’t worry it’s quite simple to let’s start with something you’re more familiar with a website. It is a type of internet hosting service that hosts websites for a client. In short, offer them facilities to create and maintain a site and makes it more reachable on the world wide web.

Let’s imagine you ask web designer to design a website for you at this early stage the web site files are only stored on the web designers’ computer not the Internet.

The next crucial step would be for all your web files to be uploaded to a server which is connected to the Internet.

When all your web files are uploaded to your server then you’ll have a website which people will be able to see. When you rent space on a server from a company like SiteGround or Kinsta and this is what we call web hosting.

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There are three main types of web hosting that you can choose from:

  • Shared hosting
  • Virtual servers
  • Dedicated servers shared hosting

Shared Hosting – It is like paying rent to live in an apartment compared to other types of web hosting.

Shared is the cheapest and is where most web sites live like an apartment. It comes with all the basics like email WordPress etc. tools that enable you to easily run a website on your own.

However keep in mind that when you live in an apartment you share the facilities with lots of other tenants or other web sites what you do can affect everybody else.

If your website becomes popular and gets lots of traffic lots of visitors then it’s possible that the apartment manager will suggest you move elsewhere.

Virtual Server (VPS) – The second type of hosting is a virtual server compared to an apartment this could be thought of as a townhouse. It’s larger where you have more rooms more space and more control than shared hosting.

Again you share the property and its facilities such as processor usage but it has fewer residents you have more control and the rooms are soundproofed. So if you get lots of visitors, lots of traffic to your website then everything will be easier,

Dedicated Server Hosting – The third type of hosting is a dedicated server this is like being the king of your own castle and you are in charge. You can paint the walls whatever colour you want, build a pool, or a tennis court in hosting terms.

This would be like you buying as many computing resources. As you can afford to look after the dedicated servers are often favoured by big businesses with popular websites. They’re more complex to manage but they aren’t much more powerful you will have a huge amount of space.

So, as long as you can cope then you can have as many visitors as you want well that’s web hosting renting space on a server which connects your website to the internet easy.

Whether you need web hosting for a small one page website or a large complex online store that’ll get millions of visitors then Kinsta hosting is worth trying.


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