What is a Virtual Private Server or VPS?

Virtual Private server as the name suggests is a virtual dedicated server. Although you are sharing the physical server but it is virtually made separate to emulate the working of a dedicated server.

VPS is secure compared to shared hosting. However  its more affordable compared to renting an entire dedicated server space.

It is suitable for sites that have medium level traffic which is more than the bandwidth offered by shared hosting plans. However, it is still less to require a dedicated server.

VPS is the best alternative to shared hosting. Whenever you are looking for a possible upgrade, then VPS hosting is the one to choose.

VPS hosting provides access to personalized servers and has a separate resources and operation system available. One computer is divided into different VPS. This has many benefits for the web owners such as bandwidth and disk space.

A lot of people begin their digital presence journey by selecting a shared hosting. Although shared hosting has its own benefits but is nor recommended for sites that are growing and need more flexibility when it comes to control and resource allocation.

If a site is big enough for shared hosting, then a VPS hosting is the one to opt for. Another option is dedicated server hosting, however, that hosting is expensive and recommended for large sites. VpS on the other hand works great for medium level sites and offers smooth performance, security and control over a site. Here are a few benefits of choosing VPS hosting in Pakistan:

What are the benefits of VPS Hosting?

The best benefit of a VPS hosting is that it gives you access to your virtual machine similar to a dedicated server. In this case, the space is allocated virtually instead of a physical separate server. Here are some benefits of choosing it for your website:


You have control over your own space which means you can customize it as per your needs.  From server applications such as PHP to MySQL or Apache you customize to fit them according to your needs.


You get complete control over your website. You can install applications requiring a restart without affecting all the other websites. Even though a VPS server is shared with others, you still have control over yours making it the best and affordable hosting choice.

Cheap Option

More affordable than a dedicated server. It is inexpensive compared to dedicated server hosting. You have dedicated resources available compared to shared hosting which means your RAM space is yours only to use when needed.


You can always increase its size and scale it up whenever need be. This is because you can always add more VPS resources when it becomes insufficient.

VPS hosting is definitely the best option to choose for your growing website traffic. It offers quality, affordability and scalability for small to large business websites.

There are many VPS hosting providers in Pakistan, however, Server Sea Hosting is one of the recognised names to consider when choosing a domain name and hosting for your website. They offer enhanced performance, security, fast loading time, quality customer service and a good price! All these features make Server Sea customer’s preferred Web hosting choice in Pakistan and even abroad.

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