What Is a ULD?

Did you know that 2019 saw over 61 million metric tonnes of air freight traffic in the world? But, how was all this traffic made possible?

In the world of air freight, ULDs are indispensable–but what exactly is a ULD? This article will offer some helpful insight.

What Is ULD?

ULD stands for Unit Load Device. These devices are used within cargo planes during air freight traffic.

ULD’s can carry a wide range of objects safely. They will ensure the security of the objects during long flights, which may usually cause problems. A couple of ULD uses would be passengers’ luggage or even cars.

The Role

The main role of a ULD is to take all types of cargo and securing them into a single unit. This unit secures itself to the cargo plane through a restraint system.

The restraining system will connect throughout the ULD and attach to the ship. This system will stop the ULD from moving around the cargo plane during flight.

By attaching to the plane, the ULD will maintain the objects within. Thus, reducing the risk of damage.

The Benefits

Yes, the ULD can keep the cargo secure. But, another huge benefit is the safety of the people on the planes. The security of the ULD will also vastly reduce the risk of causing injuries by moving around.

ULD is also loaded with a ULD load device. This reduces the amount of manual labor involved during the loading process. Due to the immense weight that they can carry, this will again reduce the risk of injuries.

Another great benefit is that the ULD’s compact the cargo. Meaning the cargo planes will be able to maximize the use of space.

Containers or Pallets

There are two types of ULD’s. Containers and Pallets.


A ULD container is lightweight contraptions made up of a base, four sides, and a roof. They contain doors for access and loading.

Users can lock the door. Doing so will add extra security, stopping the risk of unauthorized access.

Once the cargo is inside the container, they are then loaded onto the plane with ease. This will allow less hassle during the loading process.

Due to the materials they are made up from. They add an extra layer of security. They are resistant to water, so loading during most weather conditions won’t be a problem.


Pallets are a base that carries the cargo. The cargo is then encased in a net to remain secure. Once the pallet is loaded onto the plane, it is attached through the securing system.

Pallets are a lot cheaper to use than containers. You can buy more pallets with your budget.

Pallets can maximize your use of space. Pallets can be stacked on top of each other.

ULD Knowledge

Now you know more about what a ULD is. They have many benefits to the air freight industry.

Don’t forget about why they are used. Remember the benefits.

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