Tribal loans are made by lenders owned by Native American or Indian tribes, and the tribal lenders operate within their tribe’s reservation. Tribal loans are often advertised as an alternative to payday loans for people who need emergency cash.

Many tribal loans are set up asΒ installment loans, rather than loans that must be fully repaid once you receive your next paycheck, as payday loans do. This means that you will generally have a longer term with tribal loans than with a payday loan. But unlike other private installment loans, you may not be offered years to repay what you have borrowed. Loan terms are generally less than one year.
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Any kind of person can use a Tribal Lending Service. You do not have to live in a tribal country to apply for a tribal loan. Most tribal lenders allow online applications whether you are a tribal member or not.

Tribal loans are usually issued in small amounts. While some tribal lenders may lend higher dollar amounts, subjectively low loan amounts are often advertised. Loans can be advertised for urgent needs, such as car repairs or medical care, and generally stay in the $1,000 range.

Some tribal lenders promise fast loan financing with acceptance, where the money can be in your bank account the same day under certain conditions, or as fast as the next business day, depending on the lender.
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Tribal loans attract a similar borrower base to classic payday loans and for many of the same reasons. They offer a short-term way to make ends meet for individuals who have little or no other financial resources.

Perhaps you have a low credit score and cannot qualify for a traditional loan. Or maybe you just don’t want to take on a large amount of debt as you only need a few hundred dollars to pay off your groceries for the month.

In these scenarios, this kind of loan seems like the perfect solution.

Tribal loans have the potential to attract an even larger portion of the customer population because they do not consistently comply with state or federal laws. As a result, they often give more money than classic payday loans, with some going as high as $2,000.